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Obama’s get-out clause is to blame Congress if they vote no, and has no Plan B on Syria

IMAGE: The ‘decider’, President Obama, having trouble deciding.

21st Century Wire says…

Obama’s wiggle room for a war with Syria might be his Achilles heel on this issue, but his problem don’t end there…

RT reports…

Washington already has a lot of naval power on standby in the Mediterranean and that was even before Obama made it clear he wants to attack Syria. Congress says it will decide on whether to use this military might when it’s back from its break on September 9th, but Obama’s get out clause may be to simply blame Congress if they vote ‘no’. Phyllis Bennis, director of the Institute for policy studies who’s written extensively on the Middle East and the U.S. foreign policy joins RT studio.

Barack Obama will seek authorization from legislators before proceeding with a “limited” strike on Syria, in response to its government’s alleged use of chemical weapons, but has no plan B. The president says the proposed strike is not “time-sensitive”. To talks more on these developments, geopolitical activist William Engdahl joins RT…



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