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The Case of Boston’s Disappearing Bomb Squad


21st Century Wire says…

We’re going to start from square one – and rebuild the crime scene at Boston. There are certain initial reports from Boston have for the most part been scrubbed from the media record – not being acknowledged or pursued by all major corporate media and some alternative media outlets…

Brasscheck TV rightly points out: “Here’s a reminder that one very credible witness said there were bomb squad police, bomb sniffing dogs, and police spotters with binoculars all over the Boston race”.

The police are denying it. The media are ignoring it.

Fact – University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, a man named Ali Stevenson, was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon and thought it was odd that there were bomb sniffing dogs at both the start and finish lines – well before the explosions went off: 

“They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about”. 

“It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.”

Why is this this so significant? Because if the ‘man on the American street’ is unaware there was a “drill” being carried out on site, on the very day of the Boston Marathon, then the man on the street will be less likely to believe that the FBI’s two prime suspects were inserted into that scene and blamed for a bombing attack which was run by another party.

Too complicated to understand? Listen to Anthony Gucciardi break this aspect of The Boston Deception down to it’s key component parts. Build your story from here…

“Stay calm…” could be heard being announced at finish line before the explosion. Was there a drill in place on the day, and did that drill go live? Why is this off limited during official press inquiry time? Examine the evidence and draw your own conclusions…

More official denials…

Don’t assume your corporate media to do their jobs properly. Keep asking questions about Boston.


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  • Randa Jaza

    I have not listened to this entirely (and the sound quality is not that great) but this guy David Hawkins has research worth a look. Maybe Santilli can get him on his show:

  • TerryHuggles

    The Boston police hats are not flattering. Their downward drop emphasises the wearer’s jowls, bags and shadows.

  • musimann

    That’s an interesting cast of Characters. Everyone of them looks dirty. Deval Patrick has a very close relationship with Israel. Mass State police head Tim Alban looks like a hit man – evil to the core. It’s more than the hat. The FBI special agent in charge Rick DesLauriers looks like your typical weazel. This is America. Dirty to the core and always sucking up to the Zionists.

  • carnac123

    This whole thing is beginning to stink to high heaven. The coincidences are to strange to be true. Wasn’t there a school-shooting drill a day before Sandyhook’s tragedy took place? It sounds like I am crazy but with obama and his present regime in power, I do not doubt that he could kill elementary kids and people at a running event to push his gun grabs for his leftist handlers. God help us. I know the events happend and people were killed but I am still thinking the government is involved somehow.

  • How despicable, trying to deflect blame for the Boston Marathon Massacre from the QURAN and Islam to the U.S. Everybody knows that Pres. Obama is a lover of Islam, and has handcuffed the DHS when it comes to Muslims, giving them a free hand to do what the Boston Jokers did. There would be no point in the U.S. govt. staging such an attack, rather, it undermines everything that Obama has been building in terms of a narrative that Islam isn’t about terrorism. Therefore, articles like this that play both ends against the middle are beyond sick.

    Here’s a video by experts who are in the know, unlike the writer of this article:

    • Ah, an hour long youtube video of jews talking out their ass…awesome proof; good thing you are “in the know”, you are doing God’s work, bro, kudos…

  • borgteam

    The Boston Police Hats look like they were designed by the Nazi SS. Very fitting.

  • Why is it Boston’s cops look like they have faces made of foreskin? Gives a whole new meaning to “you look like a dick with that hat on.”