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RFK Jr. Threatens to Leave Democrat Party Plantation

Recently, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has come out swinging against the Democrat’s notorious practice of rigging the primary and convention stages of the election to clear the way for the candidate chosen by the donor class and deep state. Hence, RFK J. has made his party’s perennial corruption and vote-rigging one of the primary messages of his campaign.

He has also criticized the “superdelegate” process which was designed by party luminaries in order to prevent any insurgent candidate from over making it past the primary stage of a national election.

Campaign manager Dennis Kucinich has said on record that the DNC was asked to meet with RFK Jr. to discuss voting protection during the Democratic primary – for fear that the DNC elites will not maintain its neutrality during the entire electoral process.

Kucinich warned that the DNC’s state primaries could exclude millions of voters and limit many others.

“States at risk of such disenfranchisement include New Hampshire, where Biden came in last in 2020, receiving zero delegates; Iowa, where Biden came in 4th in 2020; and Georgia, one of the most diverse states in the country,” the candidate’s campaign said.

The statement also highlighted the creation of new party leaders and elected officials (PLEO), because they would be “superdelegates empowered to overturn the vote of the people and hand the nomination to the favored candidate of the party elites.”

As a result of all this, RFK J. has issued what can only be described as a veiled threat to leave the confines of the Democratic party…

PJ Media reports…

The Democrat Party has a latent disaster on its hands vis a vis one RFK Jr.

On the one hand, they are fully dedicated to sabotaging his campaign. Under no circumstances whatsoever will he be permitted to win the nomination.

Even if he had 80%+ support from the electorate, the sick truth is that party leadership (influenced by the consultant and donor classes) would rather lose with Brandon than win with RFK Jr. because of what he’s liable to do to the Deep State and D.C. largesse were he ever to assume office. It would be a proverbial bloodbath for the administrative state and all of the grifters who feed on it.

On the other hand, they need to keep RFK Jr. within the Democrat Party fold because if he were to go rogue and run third party — which he, frankly, should have been doing all along — it would be a veritable death knell for the Brandon entity’s prospects in 2024, which are wafer-thin as it is.

Whatever perceived threat Cornel West poses to Brandon’s re-election with his Green Party run, magnify that threat by 10x, 100x and you’re in the ballpark of what RFK Jr. would do to the party. It’s not outlandish to speculate that a strong third-party run by RFK Jr. might literally break the Democrat Party for years or possibly forever. That’s how sick of the party’s BS its own members, not to mention independents and non-voters (the largest, unserviced voting bloc in the country), are.

RFK Jr. has already proven himself nearly bulletproof from relentless Democrat Party and corporate state media attacks — arguably on the same level in this regard as “Teflon” Don.

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Here is RFK Jr., in an interview with Forbes, explaining what elaborate lengths the Democrat Party has gone to to rig the primary against him, outright threatening that he might drop his intra-party bid and turn his campaign into a third-party run:

If the DNC is gonna make it, is gonna rig it so that it is simply impossible for anybody to challenge President Biden, and you know I need to look at other alternatives. Because I can’t go back to the people who support me, to my donors, and say you know, I’m just going to, I’m just in this to make a point, I need to show them a road to victory.

What is for now a threat — albeit apparently a sincere and credible threat — needs to be encouraged by everyone to evolve into reality.

RFK Jr. abandoning the Democrats would all but ensure a defeat of the Brandon entity — and a brutal, landslide one at that — in 2024, which can be nothing but good news for all Americans, even delusional, loyal Democrats who don’t understand their own self-interest.







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