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Lesson of Affirmative Action: ‘You Won’t Fix Racism With More Racism’

H.P. Smith
from the AmericanThinker writes…

Let’s be honest: the Diversity Hire does no one any good…least of all the Diversity Hire.  Last week’s SCOTUS decision to do away with race-based Affirmative Action policies in higher education finally took a step towards fixing a grievous wrong. 

But if you listen to Senator Elizabeth Warren (infamously known as Fauxcahontas, Lie-Awatha, and Sitting B——-), what happened is that the “extremist” Supreme Court “rolled back the march toward racial justice, and narrowed educational opportunity for all.”  For that comment, she was deservedly roasted on Twitter.  I won’t spoil the fun…go check it out!

In Warren’s mind, ending the blatant discrimination against historically higher-achieving Asians and whites (sorry, just the facts) means marching away from racial justice.  Evidently, “racial justice” means fighting racism with even more blatant racism, as long as that racism helps out whichever protected group is in favor today.

Warren benefited from these racist policies by being employed at Harvard Law for over twenty years because she claimed to be “American Indian,” so why wouldn’t she support affirmative action?  Ironically, she had to cheat in order to get ahead as a boring old white chick, even back then.  Further irony is that Warren presumably took the place that Harvard’s quota system had set aside for an actual Native American!

Why are race and other quotas for higher education such a terrible thing?  Isn’t it nice to be able to give someone who is under-privileged the opportunity to go to a prestigious and expensive university like Harvard?  Shouldn’t we be looking to give a chance to achieve excellence?  Of course we should.  And we are, through scholarships, grants, and student loans to allow for those who are economically less capable to be able to attain higher education.  We shouldn’t be lowering the bar for entrance so that we can check off boxes and boast that “now we have one in every color!”  And virtue-signal our enlightenment in today’s upside-down world.

Here is what actually happens when you lower the standards of a university like Harvard in order to artificially boost your diversity numbers.

If your standard results in a very low percentage of black or Hispanic students being qualified for acceptance at Harvard, such that a larger percentage of white or Asian students are accepted, where does the fault lie?

A) With the students?

B) With their parents? 

C) With their high school?

D) With Harvard?

In a world with any personal accountability, the answer is “A, B and/or C.”  But in our racially charged Bizarro World, the fault lies with Harvard; asking a lot of those who attend a once-great institution is clearly racist.  And clearly the solution is more racism.

So Harvard and hundreds of other schools simply lower the bar.  Problem solved, right?  Those Asian smarties can always go to Yale, Dartmouth, or maybe (gasp) Brown, right?  A new generation of black and Hispanic students can now enjoy the benefits that all those over-privileged white kids have had for decades.  Except that perhaps when the under-qualified student gets to Harvard, maybe he can’t keep up…or he’s passing, but just barely…or even failing.  We can’t have that!  It would show the obvious fault in the logic that the only problem was getting into the fancy college.

The next illogically logical step is to lower the grading standards…or the difficulty level for the curriculum itself.  Now those Cs jump up to As, and everyone is happy again, right?  Harvard can boast that it graduated the highest number of whatever group is in the current cultural spotlight.  Yay!

Except not “yay.”  Since they have dumbed down the qualifications to get into, perform at, and graduate from Harvard, the once highly valued degree is now essentially meaningless.  No one, including the student, will ever know whether he actually achieved anything.  Once he graduates and moves into the post-academic “real world,” he is doing so with a watered down education, and also heading into a world that is increasingly indulging the same woke nonsense.  Companies are now increasingly hiring candidates on the basis of skin color, gender (real or imagined), and sexual orientation rather than, you know, actual qualifications for the job in question.

“Big deal!” you might say.  “Where’s the harm?  We’re just giving people an opportunity to succeed in a patriarchal system full of systemic racism!”  The Big Deal is that maybe that person who has been artificially helped through the system is flying your 747, performing your medical procedure, running your company, or being appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States.  People who are actually qualified will have opportunities taken away from them in favor of people who are not, and those unqualified people will not only do damage to the world around them, but also do damage to themselves.

The end result of affirmative action is generations of people who can never know if they accomplished anything on their own merits or were simply handed things based on their race or superficial characteristics. Never.

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