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Why Things Will Never Be the Same

Rebel Capitalist writes…

Countries who aren’t ready to adapt to major changes on the global stage are destined to become irrelevant.

Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the United States found itself in an enviable position on the world stage. As the sole superpower, the US could impose its economic and military will on whatever country dared to defy it.

For about two decades, this unipolar moment seemed like it would be the standard operating procedure for international affairs, with the US at the helm.

However, the US’s unipolar moment was a fleeting blip in world history. Two disastrous nation-building experiments in Afghanistan and Iraq, a financial collapse in 2008, and a self-imposed economic lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic have put the US on the predictable path to imperial decline.

On top of that, the rise of China and Russia as great powers in the international system has further demonstrated that the US is not the only sheriff in town. The former recently facilitated the restoration of diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia — two bitter rivals who have been in a proxy conflict for the better part of four decades.

In light of this move, it’s becoming increasingly clear that countries across the globe are viewing the US as an agent of chaos and can’t be trusted to maintain geopolitical stability.

This instability is not just confined to the US’s foreign affairs, it’s also a nasty feature of its economic policies.

It’s no secret that the Federal Reserve is an economic arsonist of the highest order. Whatever decision it makes, one can expect economic chaos to ensue.

The Fed is set to make a big decision later this week.  It could set off an even larger inflationary crisis or it could plunge the country into a massive recession.

So you’re probably wondering… what will be the Fed’s next deadly move?

Check out George Gammon’s video to find out:

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