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Two Years On: The Enduring Media Lies Surrounding January 6th

Glenn Greenwald writes…

January 6 has become a high holy day for most of liberal America. From the start, they refuse to describe it as what it was: a protest-turned-riot that was predictably subdued in 3 hours by the most powerful and militarized government in human history. Instead, they needed it to be something far more dramatic and terrifying, something that would empower the incoming Biden administration with virtually limitless power to act against their political enemies. 

They turned this riot into an insurrection — an attempted Coup — and they did so by ratifying one blatant lie and fabrication after the next, ones they continue through this very day — the two-year anniversary of this sacred moment to assert. When you go back and document and review all the lies they told, how they told them, and how they keep telling them, it becomes very clear that the greatest danger from that day is not the 1,000 or so Facebook warriors who got off their couch for the first time in months to go protest, but instead, the union of powerful institutions, led by the nation’s largest media corporations, who demonstrated yet again that there is literally no limit to their willingness to lie, fabricate and invent stories when doing so advances their deeply ideological and partisan interests. We’re about to review that, and we invite you to join us as we do so. Watch: 

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