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Even The Slate Admits: ‘Kamala is a Dud’ and Should Be Dumped for 2024

While Democrats continue to perform a bizarre victory lap after losing control of the US House of Representatives, quietly many party pundits and insiders have been slowly drawing their political daggers against the increasingly unpopular VP Kamala Harris. 

Is she a liability to the party’s ambitions for 2024?

Only last month, “Real Time” host Bill Maher said that Harris might prove a major drag when it comes to re-election, and going as far as to saying that she should be replaced on the Democrat’s White House ticket.

“It’s very hard to take the nomination away from the president,” said Maher. “What I could see is replacing the vice president, because she’s not very popular anywhere. And it didn’t seem to work out. And I don’t know. That’s been done before in a ticket.”

And he’s not alone in that assessment…

Sean Hannity reports…

While finishing up a trip through Asia this week, Vice President Kamala Harris said “As the president said, he intends to run. And if he does, I will be running with him.” But Kamala is wildly unpopular and, with Biden being the first octogenarian President, the selection for second in command is more important than ever.

Liberal online magazine Slate says if Joe runs again, it’s time to dump Kamala.

“As Joe Biden weighs a run for re-election even as he becomes the first octogenarian U.S. president in history, he should think back on what it was like to watch the Harris campaign flame out,” Slate wrote.

“A second Biden term would mean even higher stakes for a vice-presidential pick—not only because Biden is older than he was the first time around, but because the VP serving when he leaves could be the de facto frontrunner in the [2028] Democratic primary. Harris, a proven dud of a presidential candidate who has done little to distinguish herself since, is not a good choice for the Democrats’ top billing. For his second term, should he seek one (he shouldn’t!), Biden should tap someone else,” the mag said.

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