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Did NATO Just Blow-up Russia’s Nordstream Pipelines?

Yesterday, the world woke up to truly horrific news – both Nordstream 1 and 2 pipelines were leaking gas into the Baltic Sea after what looks like a deliberate act of sabotage. While the usual western media oracles quickly began blaming Moscow for blowing up its most famous energy infrastructure projects, US news anchor Tucker Carlson suggested that it might be the United States, and not Russia, who was actually responsible for the dual explosions which threaten to further devastate Europe’s energy supplies this winter, along with causing millions of cubic meters of methane to leak into the Earth’s atmosphere. For voicing his dissenting opinion and analysis on this issue, Carlson was attacked by leading US media outlets, led by the Washington Post

However, the facts are pretty clear: both Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland are both on record promising to ‘end the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.’ In addition, other high-level US agents are publicly gloating about the terrorist attack on social media.

Who benefits from this act of destruction? Certainly not Russia. 

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to the possibility of US-led sabotage operation to destroy the Nord Stream pipelines. This stands as the most dangerous provocation yet in Washington and London’s proxy war against Russia. Watch: 

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