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Pentagon Sent GPS-guided Rounds to Ukraine

According to budget documents, Washington has spent $92 million to acquire new M982 Excalibur munitions, to replace their stockpile previously sent to Ukraine.

The 155mm shells, developed by Raytheon and BAE and are certified to be used with a number of NATO artillery units, are designed to strike within two meters of the GPS coordinates of a target, providing for the very real prospect of targeted assassinations and killing of political targets in places like Donbass.

The document states that the new purchase order was a “replacement M982 Excalibur munitions transferred to Ukraine in support of the international effort” and designed to undercut Russia’s special military operation.

Bloomberg News reports…

The Pentagon has sent Ukraine its most accurate artillery shell, the GPS-guided Excalibur, according to budget documents that confirm the previously unannounced addition to the arsenal assembled to combat the Russian invasion.

A plan to replenish the US stock of Excaliburs acknowledges for the first time that the Pentagon has been supplying Ukrainian forces with the shell. Officials have sidestepped questions about the Excalibur despite reports that planning was underway to provide it and then that it was already in use in Ukraine…

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