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Welcome to Life Inside a New World Order – New Dawn Magazine

Enjoy this feature cover story 21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen wrote for New Dawn Magazine #188 (Jul-Aug 2021 issue).

Welcome to Life Inside a New World Order - New Dawn Magazine

By Patrick Henningsen for New Dawn Magazine

We knew the world was changing in radical ways, but we never thought it would happen this fast.

In 2015, I penned a feature article for this publication entitled “Oceania Forever: Rise of the Global Police State.” After closely following the steady construction of a global control grid after 9/11, it was still difficult to see exactly where it was all going and why. Many of us knew the surveillance infrastructure would be permanent, and there was undoubtedly some speculation of an emerging supranational global government, but still no clear endgame in sight.

All that changed in 2020, and many of my previous questions were answered.

With the advent of the global pandemic, the global police state had finally received its marching orders.

Nearly a year later, in 2016, I wrote a follow-up piece in an attempt to visualise what an emerging technocracy might look and feel like – the shape of things to come, underpinned by the technocratic visions of arch globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski. That article, “Technetronic Enslavement: Life Inside the Matrix of Control,” was published in New Dawn 156 (May-June 2016). Since then, my suspicions have been validated and questions answered through the emergence of the globalists’ Great Reset agenda.

So here we are, a full eighteen months down the road of the Great Plague, and looking around we now see what life is like inside a New World Order.

No one expected it would come so fast and on such an international scale.

The shock and awe also signalled the beginning of what looks more and more like a post-democratic era – the ascendency of global fascism with cold technocratic features, orchestrated by an elite cabal of rapacious oligarchs, and remorseless bureaucrats taking their instructions from shadowy cliques of science advisors governing every conceivable aspect of our daily lives… right down to where we are allowed to travel, if we are allowed to work, what we can buy, whether our children can attend school, and even who we are allowed to meet. The level of control even extends to the mandating of masks and what experimental injections we are expected to receive in order to ‘win back our freedoms’ and return to normal life.

We’re told by our leaders that all of this is necessary and permanent, and that it’s for our safety, and the safety of the collective. The new regime is not just national, it’s global.

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