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New York Police Now Arresting Unvaccinated Diners Who Refuse to ‘Show Their Papers’

Just days before New York City’s authoritarian Mayor Bill de Blassio is scheduled to leave office to run for governor of the state, thuggish city police units have been cynically deployed to hunt-down and arrest any restaurant patrons who refuse to ‘show their papers’ confirming their vaccine status. 

The video below, shot by East Ghost Reports, depicts an incredible scene at Applebee’s family restaurant in Queens Center Mall, where a large contingent of NYPD officers stormed a restaurant over the 2021 Christmas holiday in order to enforce the Mayor’s new COVID vaccine passport regime.

This latest incident comes on the heels of a recent announcement made by city officials that vaccination rules for children dining with adults in NYC are about to get more strict. De Blassio’s disturbing “Key to NYC” vaccine segregation campaign requires children 12 and up be injected with the experimental GMO mRNA gene therapy product – either with two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer GMO mixtures, or a single shot of the experimental Johnson & Johnson injection – in order to gain entry into any restaurants, movie theaters or indoor leisure facilities. To make matters worse, now children just 5 to 11-years-old must also submit to the experimental injection – or face being banned from all city venues too.

Watch as the incident unfolded in Queens, NYC: 

Below is another angle of the restaurant incursion by the Mayor’s new vaccine patrol, showing a mother attempting to shield her traumatized children from the incident:

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