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Germany: Resistance Begins with Demonstrations in Magdeburg Against Vaccine Apartheid

Many are shocked at the speed by which authoritarianism has returned to Germany, with the government imposition of a medical apartheid system designed to contain the new discriminated class known as the ungeimpft (unvaccinated).

As a formerly liberal and open society, many Germans have been stunned by the pace at which the government, backed by its German leader in Brussels, unelected EU head Ursula von der Leyen, has pressed forward with the implementation of a vaccine passport regime which leaglizes discrimination based on arbitrary medical status. Equally shocked are Europeans and those around the world who believed that Germany had learned its lessons from history and the abject horrors of totalitarianism.

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Now one month into its New Normal program, the country is beginning to see pockets of resistance forming around the country. A recent demonstration in the city of Magdeburg saw some 5,000 people take to the streets to peacefully oppose the government attempt to drag the country into an unprecedented pharmaceutical technocracy. Not surprisingly, they were met with police in full riot gear.

Based on the size of the earlier anti-lockdown demonstrations in 2020, there is a sizeable silent opposition bloc in Germany. It’s only a question of time before it re-establishes itself.

It appears that a tide of resistance has begun. Watch: 

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue