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Another Defeat for Biden as Judge Blocks Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors

This week a federal judge blocked President Biden from enforcing a vaccine mandate for employees of federal contractors, the latest in a string of defeats against the White House’s problematic pandemic policies.

U.S. District Court Judge R. Stan Baker, in Augusta, Georgia, issued an injunction which halted the enforcement of the increasingly unpopular vaccine mandate for this employment sector nationwide. However, the issue is far from over.

This latest high court ruling applies across the country, coming into effect following lawsuits from several contractors and seven US states — Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia. The order’s jurisdiction extended nationally due to the fact that the trade organization filing the suit, Associated Builders and Contractors Inc, has a nationwide presence.

The President announced his “executive order” on September 9th, but did not issue an actual Presidential Executive Order at that time, opting instead to run it through a federal agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), presumably to shield the White House from any direct legal blowback, and in the hopes that by threatening the public, tens of millions of workers would voluntarily accept a double-dose injection before January 4, 2022 when the mandate is scheduled to become law through executive fiat. Workers were led to believe they were complying with “workplace safety guidelines” created by Biden’s ad hoc federal task force which was amplified by a coordinated mainstream media campaign. The White House’s tactic seemed to work, as tens of millions of federal and corporate employees went and got vaccinated for fear that they might be losing their jobs. It’s looking likely that they would not have lost their jobs if they had simply waited to see how the courts would rule.

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Judge Baker wrote, “The Court acknowledges the tragic toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought throughout the nation and the globe.”

“However, even in times of crisis this Court must preserve the rule of law and ensure that all branches of government act within the bounds of their constitutionally granted authorities,” he added.

Despite a growing number of federal court rulings against the unconstitutional vaccine mandate, the White House is still doubling down on the controversial policy, and even talking about including a third booster shot into their compulsory injection schedule.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki, defended the failing mandate and said that the US Justice Department would still continue to defend Biden’s authoritarian decree requiring employees to accept the experimental corporate gene therapy product. “The reason that we proposed these requirements is that we know they work, and we are confident in our ability, legally, to make these happen across the country,” said Psaki.

Last week, a federal judge in Kentucky issued a similar injunction against the vaccine mandate which applied to contractors in three states – Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.

Other similar court rulings are expected during the coming weeks and months – as Washington prepares for a likely Supreme Court showdown later in 2022.


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