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‘Hate Crime’ Hoax in San Diego Used to Punish Entire School

Earlier this year, an apparent scandal hit a community in San Diego, California, after brigading activists and overzealous school officials claimed that a ‘racist’ incident took place at a regional high school basketball championship game. The narrative was as follows: supporters from the winning team, Coronado High School, threw tortillas at the losing team from Orange Glen High School, a predominantly Latino school. The incident was apparently captured on video, so activists and reactionary school administrators took that as a convenient excuse not bother to actually investigate what had actually happened.

As a result, toxic identity politics and ‘social justice’ astroturfing was allowed to run rampant. The collateral damage was devastating.  

Due to their negligence and reckless politicization of the event, activists and mainstream media were able to completely destroy the reputation of Coronado High School, its student body and their families, and school faculty. They went on to pressure the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) to revoke the championship won by Coronado, before eventually forcing the entire school to attend ‘racial re-education’ training.

In the end, it was revealed exactly how these supposed ‘racial justice’ activists, along with virtue-signalling school officials and their corrupt lawyer – all rushed to judgement. They unfairly punished the championship basketball team of Coronado, and branded an entire community as racist – while omitting the fact the entire incident was manufactured by a known left-wing political operative. The outrage generated by this hoax was then used as leverage by leftist political campaigners to impose a new ‘anti-racist’ campaign on the school – a campaign called “No Place for Hate,” run by the notorious Anti Defamation League (ADL).

As expected, the hoax was quickly pushed into the national spotlight by propagandists at CNN and partisan similar outlets.

The following is a short documentary about the controversy entitled, “A Rush to Judgement.” Watch:

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