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Panic and Mass Hysteria: Northern Italy’s Avoidable ‘Pandemic’ in March 2020

Italy called in military to help ramp-up production of ventilators as alleged coronavirus ‘cases’ surged. Medical equipment at the Columbus Covid-2 Hospital, in Rome on March 16, 2020 (Image Credit: MARCO DI LAURO/GETTY IMAGES)

It was ‘ground zero’ for the West. Looking back on the early events which drove the ‘global pandemic’ in 2020, it was clear that the scenes from Italy were pivotal in forming the media impression and political policy prescriptions of other western governments, including the UK, France, Spain and the United States. Yet, few in media and government have dared to take an honest look at what really happened and why

According to Italian frontline doctors and medical professions, numerous factors played into the formation of the ‘crisis’ narrative which unfolded in northern Italy in March 2020. For starters, the average age of alleged COVID fatalities in Italy was around 81 years of age in persons with multiple long-term chronic health conditions. Doctors have also pointed to a high uptake in Flu vaccinations during the previous winter which may have increased the risk of vulnerable contracting respiratory illnesses, a phenomenon which has been detailed in a number of scientific papers circulating among the medical community in Italy. Also, exactly as in New York and the UK, ICU hospital patients were recklessly pushed into to elderly care homes which appears to have exacerbated infections among the most vulnerable in residential care – directly driving up the ‘COVID death’ numbers in March and early April of 2020. In addition to this, thousands of elderly were also forced on to highly risky and unnecessary ventilator machines (forcing them into chemically induced comas) compounding their already weak state, further driving up Italy’s sensational ‘COVID death’ count at the time. What’s very clear from this testimony and analysis is that the outcomes in terms of fatalities from region to region, and hospital to hospital, vary greatly and seem to be down to the quality of care and methods of treatment being given to both outpatients and inpatients. Clearly, there were effective and often inexpensive drugs and therapeutic solutions available but which were not deployed for either economic or political reasons (in the case of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin), neither made any practical sense. It seems that the atmosphere of hysteria and mass-panic generated by the media and politicians had effectively distorted what would normally be a considerate and professional response to a seasonal flu epidemic. Instead, it was an unnecessary and unmitigated disaster, not only for Italy but also for those countries which followed suit.

The following recording is from the independent inquiry panel of the German Corona Committee Hearing #3, moderated by lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, recorded on July 23 2020, looking for explanations of the very high mortality rate seen in Bergamo and Lombardi areas in northern Italy where the first large outbreak of the coronavirus made landfall in Europe. Watch:

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