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Civil Rights Attorney: Biden-Harris Response to Chauvin Verdict ‘Embarrassing and Insulting’

Biden-Harris Chauvin Verdict Press Conference

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at a press conference shortly after the jury’s guilty verdict was read in court on Tuesday.

Biden’s prayer for the ‘right verdict’ was answered with a Chauvin murder conviction – a statement he made publicly before the jurors began their deliberation.

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell appeared later on Fox News calling out both Biden and Harris for their ‘big lie’:

“This was a trial about murder, not about race. Derek Chauvin’s conduct was not motivated by race. You look at the presentation of the case by the prosecution….there was not one word uttered about race. Look at the diversity of the jury. Nothing about race. But if you listen to Joe Biden…say ‘there’s systemic discrimination’, Kamala Harris… they’re lying to the American public without any hesitation.”

“That’s the shameful part about this. Everything is about race. Black versus white. And it’s embarrassing and it’s insulting, and it’s being used for one purpose: to pander to the black voters so they can remain as Democrats.” Watch:


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