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New Data: 40% of US Marines Decline the Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine

U.S. Marines with Marine Rotational Force receive COVID-19 test at Royal Australian Air Force Base Darwin in NT, Australia on June 18, 2020 (US Marine Corps Photo)

According to a new report, nearly 40% of US Marines have declined the experimental Covid-19 vaccine, news that is certain to cause problems for the current campaign being waged by Government, Media and the transnational pharmaceutical industry to increase vaccine consumption, and also force-through a highly controversial Vaccine Passport regime on the general population. 

Military records show that approximately 75,500 Marines have received the experimental jab, compared to approximately 48,000 who have chosen not to accept it – according to data provided to cable news network CNN.

In addition, a further 102,000 Marines have not yet been offered the emergency Covid vaccine.

The US Marines are said to be the first branch to disclose service-wide data on Covid vaccine acceptance and refusals, or “vaccine hesitancy” as it is now being referred to by the mainstream media.

One base in particular, Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, saw a rejection rate of 57% of Marines who were offered the new corporate product.

According to some past reports, it is believed that the real rejection rate among US military service members could be as high as 50%. Pentagon records show that there are approximately 2.2 million US military service members operating worldwide.

Propaganda Campaign: CNN Working Hand-in-Hand with Big Pharma, Team Biden

Incredibly, CNN has attempted to spin the vaccine issue as a ‘national security crisis’ – claiming that soldiers opting out of the jab ‘may affect force readiness,’ and citing highly dubious ‘high-profile Covid outbreaks’ which made headlines last year, but were of no real consequence in terms of actual casualties. Clearly this is an attempt by CNN (who receives millions per year in ad revenue from pharmaceutical companies) to try and apply addition media and political pressure on military brass in order to enforce vaccine compliance in its ranks:

For every 10 percentage point drop in the acceptance rate, that’s 220,000 individuals opting not to receive vaccines, a number potentially large enough to affect force readiness. Last year, the military experienced a handful of high-profile Covid outbreaks, including one aboard an aircraft carrier deployed in the Pacific.

In this case, CNN appears to be targeting the US military, in coordination with the Biden Administration – in running a nudging campaign which is trying to re-shape policy within the US military. At the very end of its report, CNN gives the entire game away by revealing a coercive campaign being waged by Biden and allied politicians (backed by a pharmaceutical lobby which spends hundreds of millions per year) to try and remove soldiers’ constitutional right of Informed Consent, openly admitting that the end goal of President Biden is to make Covid vaccinations mandatory for all military personnel:

Last month, a group of Democratic lawmakers called on President Joe Biden to issue a “waiver of informed consent” to make getting vaccinated against Covid-19 mandatory for all US military service members, writing in a letter that “disinformation and vaccine skepticism” are influencing service members to opt out of being vaccinated.

It should be noted that the current range of experimental corporate vaccine products for Covid-19 are not fully licensed products – allowed to bypass all of the normal research, safety and testing protocol under the cover of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) which was supposedly issued because government claims the pandemic was too deadly and ‘too many lives were at stake’ to wait for a properly developed and fully tested Covid vaccine. Normally, a proper vaccine would take anything from 5 to 10 years to develop, but the current batch of experimental pharmaceutical jabs has been churned-out in only 9 months – leaving many to question to the broad claims made by the government’s growing array of public health experts, as well as the obvious financial motives of transnational pharmaceutical giants.

CNN admits that the vaccines are not even properly licensed:

The military cannot make the vaccines mandatory now because they have only emergency use authorizations from the Food and Drug Administration, meaning service members who are required to receive a series of other vaccinations have the option of declining shots to protect against Covid-19.

Despite the overwhelming propaganda blitz being deployed by government, media and the pharmaceutical, a significant portion of the US population still remains skeptical about lightning speed roll-out of what is essentially an experimental range of vaccines supposedly designed to ‘fight’ a relatively nonlethal seasonal respiratory virus which has a 99.97% recovery rate, and poses a near zero risk of hospitalization or death for the overwhelming majority of the population who are healthy and below the age of 75 years old.

Not surprisingly, many Americans, including members of the military, remain unconvinced, and unimpressed by the incessant 24/7 propaganda stream we are now seeing.

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