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BLM Activist: ‘Buildings Will Burn if Chauvin Isn’t Convicted of Murder’

As the Trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd reaches its halfway point, the city as well as the nation, are bracing for impact.

Previously, 21WIRE reported on the City of Minneapolis ‘fusion’ operation which will pull-in law enforcement and the National Guard in order the brace the city for mass unrest – a build-up which will reach its peak towards the end of proceedings during the trial’s closing arguments and verdict.

However, before it even began, this trial was already hyper-politicized, with mainstream media and political activists, led by infamous street agitator Al Sharpton, signaling early on that they will only accept one outcome, or else.

Subsequently, city and state law enforcement are bracing themselves for a potential explosion in street violence led by radical leftist groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Unrest would likely break out in the event that the jury acquits the defendant, or does not convict Chauvin of some form of murder charge, either second-degree or third-degree murder, and where he might only receive a some type of manslaughter conviction.

As the trial has progressed, many mainstream pundits have been caught off guard at the amount of evidence presented in Chauvin’s favor, including the fact that George Floyd was apparently intoxicated with illegal drugs like fentanyl and amphetamines, as well as other arrest scene factors which contributed to the tragic outcome resulting in his death.

There is also the the possibility of hung jury – or possibly even a mistrial should unruly mobs or radical activists try and subvert and disruptive court proceedings through jury tampering or other untoward methods. These types of unruly interventions are not uncommon in US history, particularly with “mob trials” involving organized crime figures and union racketeers. Either of these two outcomes could ignite street rioting by angry ‘social justice’ activists.

This week, celebrity influencer-activists have started weighing-in with actual threats…

Pictured in a now-deleted video, model Maya Echols eggs-on the public (Image: Tik Tok)

Post Millennial reports…

Maya Echols, a professional model signed with IMG Worldwide and a BLM activist, publicly warned on social media not to be surprised by violent protests if Derek Chauvin isn’t convicted of murdering George Floyd.

Chauvin is currently on trial for the murder of Floyd in Minneapolis, a trial which is surrounded by controversy.

According to the Daily Wire, Echols said in a now-deleted video, “If George Floyd’s murderer is not sentenced, just know that all hell is gonna break loose. Don’t be surprised when building are on fire. Just sayin’.”

Echols also starts another video on her Tik Tok account, which has hundreds of thousands of followers with a BLM face mask on, and says:

“My new favorite guilty pleasure is going to the grocery store with this mask on. I live in a predominately white area …. and the looks I get from these conservatives are crazy, like y’all would be shocked. Like, the death stares I get. It’s so funny to me, though.”

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