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Kansas Becomes 19th State to Repeal Mask Mandate

As the Biden Administration and Mainstream Media struggle to convince Americans that they need be wearing masks in public, when shopping, at work and in schools, an increasing number of state are pushing back and rejecting Washington’s increasingly spurious claims that a deadly pandemic is still raging throughout the country.

In Kansas, the Democrat governor is taking a clear authoritarian approach to making sure that state will not open up back to normal, as she issues repeated executive orders designed to continue imposing limitations the previously legal economic and social activity of the state’s residents.

Covid restrictions have continued to develop into a partisan wedge issue, with Democrat leaders still demanding more lockdowns, mandatory masks, school closures and other unconstitutional measures such as vaccine passports, the majority of which are being broadly opposed by Republican lawmakers keen to help citizens return to normal life.

Topeka Capital Journal reports…

Leaders of Kansas’ majority-GOP Legislature on Thursday shot down just one of the 13 COVID-19 executive orders that Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly issued in the morning. A recently passed law caused all previous COVID-19 orders by the governor to expire on Wednesday, and as a result, she had to re-issue a number of them.

However, the reissued orders under that same law have to go through a new process in which the Legislature has the power to eliminate or approve them.

Governor wants to re-issue a mask mandate. GOP leaders are expected to shoot it down

That’s exactly what happened as Republicans used the process as a platform to denounce the governor and her actions.

The most contentious order the leadership group took apart was a statewide mask mandate, which Kansas Senate President Ty Masterson, R-Andover, had pledged already to knock out. That’s despite the fact such a mandate (and any other orders) would be limited anyway, given counties are able to opt out.

The debate over masks was held earlier in the week, when the Kansas House and Senate each passed resolutions urging the face-covering order be revoked.

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