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EU Vaccine Passport Scheme Rejected by Some Member States, WHO Skeptical

Under the direction of the World Economic Forum, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Big Tech monopolies like Microsoft, the European Union is attempting to implement a new Vaccine Passport system – supposedly to act as an “immunity certificate” which travelers are expected to present as proof of their COVID vaccination or a negative COVID test.

Such a system has never been tried before, but is still being fast-tracked by politicians and corporate lobbyists in Europe and the UK.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who is German, is insisting that the EU needs a new vaccine passport, or “Digital Green Pass” in order to “unlock travel” within the bloc and internationally. Her claims are predicated on the dubious premise that the act of traveling is somehow dangerous, and that holiday destinations are no longer ‘safe’ unless the public submits  to taking the latest experimental COVID-19 vaccine being produced by transnational corporations like Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

It’s also important to note that EU member states Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic – have all bought, or plan to purchase Chinese and Russian and Chinese vaccines – completely outside from the EU’s corporate vaccine cartel arrangements. This has the potential to develop into a real fissure, leading to new geopolitical ‘vaccine borders’ due to the fact that the EU and UK appear to want to create exclusive markets for what politicians are now referring to as “authorized vaccines.” In other words, any vaccine made in Russia or China is not considered legitimate by the technocrats in Brussels and London.

However, there is resistance emerging which could derail the EU plans to rush their new system into place. Civil liberties and human rights advocates are pushing back against what they believe is an attack on fundamental human rights, as well as the danger of vaccine discrimination, and data privacy.

Despite these new challenges, committed technocrats in Brussels are still determined to push ahead with this unprecedented social engineering project which is going to be used as the prelude for a new digital ID system for people.

UK Express reports…

The health chiefs are the latest to criticise the proposals after a majority of member states also urged eurocrats to shelve the plans. Hans Kluge, the regional director of WHO Europe, suggested the move would fail because it was not known for how long vaccine immunity lasts. “We understand the governments are confronted with the political reality, but it is not a recommendation from the WHO,” the Belgian doctor warned.

Despite the resistance, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has penned a letter to capitals insisting she will still unveil the proposals on March 17.

The insider said: “We’ve got more important issues to be dealing with at the moment.”

The source added that the scheme would be “pointless” while eastern bloc countries use unauthorised vaccines, such as the Russian Sputnik V and the Chinese Sinopharm jabs.

(…) It is understood that the EU might not open up for international travel until it has dished out jabs to at least 70 percent of its adult population.

Mrs von der Leyen says this should happen by September 21…

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