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Corporate Media’s Election Interference on Behalf of Biden Exposed

It’s now been proven beyond any doubt that Silicon Valley giants like Google, Twitter and Facebook were blatantly involved in partisan electioneering and censorship, whilst simultaneously virtue-signalling ahead of the election about ‘fighting election disinformation.’ The Hunter Biden story was one of the most egregious examples of this – an active cover-up by a partisan mainstream media of a criminal matter (with grave national security implications for the Democratic Party nominee) during a heated presidential election cycle, but it’s not the only disturbing aspect of the open corruption which is now dominating US electoral politics.

Ironically for the Democratic media machine, what the recent revelations of a DOJ investigation into Hunter Biden’s own criminal activity and overseas ‘pay-to-play’ graft and money laundering shows is that there wasn’t any pro-Trump partisan leaking out of the DOJ – which directly benefited the Biden campaign during this election cycle.

Host Laura Ingrahm looks back at four-year battle waged by Democrats and Media to drive Trump out of office. Watch:

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