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Trump Campaign to Officially Challenge Nevada Election Results

As of this week, the Trump campaign is still pursuing legal challenges in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona. But the clock is running, as America approaches the upcoming deadline for the Electoral College on December 14th.

As of this morning, you can add another name to that list: Nevada.

John Daniel Davidson from The Federalist reports…

Since the November election, Democrats and the media have kept up a constant, mantra-like refrain that there is “no evidence of widespread election fraud.” Even specific allegations of fraud, irregularities, and the flouting of state election laws in key battleground states have been waved away by reporters and pundits as “baseless” and “without evidence”—even in cases where witnesses to alleged crimes have signed sworn affidavits.

But it might not be so easy to dismiss the allegations and evidence Trump campaign lawyers will present to a district court judge in Nevada on Thursday afternoon.

Campaign lawyers have been working overtime in Nevada in recent weeks, scrambling to subpoena witnesses, collect evidence, and catalog their findings, which they say proves widespread election fraud—not hundreds of illegal votes but more than a hundred thousand, enough to overturn Joe Biden’s 33,000-vote margin of victory in the state.

“The evidence we are about to submit to the court proves that massive voter fraud permeated the Nevada presidential election and shows that the certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election should be immediately reversed and for President Trump to be awarded his electors,” said Jesse Binnall, a lawyer heading the campaign effort in Nevada.

The state lawsuit Binnall and his team have filed is separate from a suit dropped last week by Nevada Republicans, who earlier this month alleged that thousands of people who no longer live in Nevada cast ballots in the November election.

The Trump team believes they have solid evidence of voter fraud and election fraud which will be sufficient to change 2020 Nevada results. However, thus far, no judges on a state or federal level have sided with Republicans in their court challenges.

Fox News’ Jeff Paul reports:

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