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Arizona: Evidence of Both Voter and Election Fraud

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani revealed substantial evidence of both voter fraud and election fraud in the state of Arizona. Despite the vast amount of evidence revealed, the mainstream corporate media are dismissing testimonies and affidavits from numerous eye witnesses – election workers, technical experts and Arizona residents who have submitted their findings on the record.

Thursday’s public hearing was organized by the state’s Republican-run legislature, who demonstrated that they have evidence of enough fraudulent votes to cancel out Joe Biden’s disputed margin of victory.

If the state’s courts and legislature takes this evidence seriously, then it is still possible to throw out the results of the 2020 election, giving Trump campaign the state’s 11 electoral votes.

“In your state, a lot of the fraud had to do with the mail-in system as it did in other places,” said Giuliani.

In the following video there are multiple witness presentations, all of which are compelling in their own right, and particularly the sections from Matt Braynard from the Voter Integrity Project (found at the 4:54:40 mark), and Dr Shiva (found at 5:30:00 mark).

Watch the entire hearing here:


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