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Six Years Lost: Locked-up by Kamala Harris on False Charges

The story of Jamal Trulove is one you probably have never heard. Some say he was collateral damage in the wake of what was a politically ambitious district attorney. It’s happened many times before, but this case takes on an new meaning because that politically ambitious DA is the current Democratic Party’s Vice Presidential nominee, Kamala Harris

Trulove was one of many black men locked-up by Harris during her tenure as the city’s DA, and later as the state’s Attorney General. Because of a fabricated case mounted by Harris’s office, Trulove lost more than six years of his life. It appears that Harris, eager to ‘score’ convictions, was pushing to pursue a murder charge against Trulove – a conviction which would later be overturned by an appeals court. All of this is in stark contrast to the “progressive” image which Harris and the Democratic Party have tried to cultivate for their candidate. Harris’s record in California is shocking to say the least. Here is one man’s story (recorded by VICE News in 2019). Watch:

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