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COVID: Renewed Government-Media Hype Over “Cases” Doesn’t Prove There’s a Pandemic

You might have noticed there is renewed pandemonium over new coronavirus “outbreaks” seemingly popping up everywhere around the country. This is naturally stoking more panic and fear, as well as calls to lockdown communities once again. 

If you are looking closely, you’ll be able to read between the pedantic propaganda lines and quickly dispel a lot of the hype being promulgated by technocrats and other opportunists. Their reporting usually follows a familiar pattern;

Step one: it starts off with a seemingly routine announcement like this, from a report by KSNV in Nevada:

“We have seen this gradual increase over the last several weeks,” said Dr. Michael Johnson, Director of Community Health with the Southern Nevada Health District.”

Quickly, it becomes clear that the “spike” in COVID cases is because of increase testing:

“In addition to increased testing and increased cases, confirmed hospitalizations have had an overall increasing trend since May 31,” Caleb Cage said.

Finally, they will sometimes reveal a crucial fact which is normally obscured from the conversation of any report of a COVID “outbreak in cases”:

“Despite the increase – the hospitals aren’t at a tipping point. Statewide hospital occupancy rates are averaging 74% capacity for all patients. ICU occupancy is averaging 69% for all patients.”

(It’s not uncommon that mainstream media coverage will contradict itself like this in the same article. This is a common propaganda technique which is designed to leave the average reader bewildered and confused)

From this very typical news report (which you could drop into the same template almost anywhere around the US or UK right now), smart readers will see that these dramatic reports of ‘cases’ do not mean much in terms of a general threat to public health. Government and mainstream media will always omit to inform the public one fundamental component which would quickly disarm any of these endless alarmist reports of COVID ‘outbreaks’ – which is that all of these ‘cases’ are not translating into the statistics which are actually important, namely, hospitalizations and deaths. This is because the overwhelming majority of COVID fatalities have been in one specific demographic: elderly people with multiple comorbidities. In fact, the odds of a young person actually being hospitalized for coronavirus are significantly less that getting in an automobile accident, while they are at greater risk of being set upon by influenza or numerous other common viruses. COVID simply doesn’t rate among the most common things which pose a serious threat to young people, or even middle aged people for that matter.

Medical journalist Jon Rappaport reveals where the real focus should be if the media were being honest and doing their job professionally:

The New York Times (June 27) is reporting that 43 percent of all US COVID deaths are occurring in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities for the elderly. In at least 24 states, more than 50 percent of all COVID deaths are occurring in these facilities. The Times fails to mention deaths of the elderly at hospitals or, at home, cut off from family and friends. The situation is far worse than the Times makes it out to be.

Hence, these type of graphs stoking fear over ‘cases’ among the young are almost completely meaningless:

This Government-Media propaganda strategy is merely designed to extend the life of the crisis, and also to use as a tool to intimidate local officials into imposing new regional lockdowns on demand – just as they have done this week in Leicester, England.

Remember this when reading the alarmist COVID coverage in the coming weeks and months.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue