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Illinois Mayor Calls Governor’s Covid Restrictions ‘Weird Science’

Federal and state officials continue to flex their newfound Covid political power whilst shirking ‘the science’ and data they have long preached to local leaders and business owners that are looking to rebuild their economies after months of unnecessary lockdowns.

One such case of this is in Illinois, where Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau has taken Governor J.B. Pritzker to task for his state’s confusing mandates purporting to curb the spread of coronavirus in the community.

A group of Republican state senators sent a letter to the Governor’s desk voicing similar concerns expressed by their constituents about the delayed re-opening of businesses and the confusion stoked by seeing thousands of protesters in the streets in recent weeks. They also urged the adoption of a 14-day timeline between re-opening phases versus the 28-day timeline currently in place – Gov. Pritzker has to this point refused to correct course.

Illinois Gov. J.B.Pritzker masked while attending protest rally. (Image Source: ABC7 Chicago)
A masked Gov. Pritzker pictured above attending a recent protest rally. (Image Source: ABC7 Chicago)

Mayor Pekau has been outspoken about adopting the 14-day timeline to move to the next phase of re-opening and has said that Orland Park’s Covid-positive rate continues to be on the decline.

In a series of video messages last week, Pekau provided colorful examples of how the restrictions imposed on communities like his are rife with confusing double standards:

“There is no logic, data or science being shared to explain the restrictions we are living with. I call it weird science.

For months we were told it was safe to go to warehouse stores and grocery stores, approved department stores and hardware stores, however, you could catch Covid if you went to disapproved department stores or bridal boutiques or game stores. Where was the data that supports this? You can go to an essential store with hundreds of other people, but if you go golf with four people you will get Covid.”

Watch this creative presentation, emblematic of what many other cities are trying to navigate on behalf of their citizens:

And just a few days later, Pekau put out another video message challenging the Governor’s latest executive order:

“We were told to stay home for months, yet the latest executive order says and I quote ‘the risks of transmission of Covid-19 are greatly reduced outdoors as opposed to indoors. Where possible, Illinoisans are encouraged to conduct their activities outdoors.’ So we’re safest when we’re outside and yet we were told for months to stay at home. I’m so confused.”

Watch as the mayor presents his city’s Covid update and then calls out the hypocrisy:

In April, Gov. Pritzker’s stay-at-home executive order was modified to include an extension based on modeling that showed a “significant second wave” if the order were to be lifted. It also mandated that Illinois residents begin wearing masks in public.

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