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Australian Celebrity Chef Given Third Degree by MSM for Views on COVID, Diet and Health

Whenever a mainstream celebrity goes off-script on any major global event or political controversy, you will almost certainly see the corporate Mainstream Media spring into action to try and tear them down and discredit them in the public sphere.

One such person is Australian chef, restaurateur, best-selling author and television presenter, Pete Evans, who is best known for his role on the popular cooking program My Kitchen Rules. He first became a target of mainstream criticism for promoting holistic and alternative health solutions. Evans, a leading proponent of the now popular paleo diet, has since been dubbed by the mainstream media detractors as “Paleo Pete.”

The following is an unedited version of the recent 60 Minutes story which aired on June 7th 2020, where the objective of the program was to paint anyone holding opinions and or views contrary to mainstream consensus reality, or anyone questioning the official Coronavirus narrative – as crazed “conspiracy theorists.” You can see the final 60 Minutes hit piece here. Especially note the vast difference in their final broadcast piece and the unedited rushes below. In the unedited footage, Evans is able to endure over 1 hour of continuous ‘gotcha’ questions and semantic traps being laid by host Liz Hayes, who among other things attempted to malign him as an “anti-Vaxxer.” Evans held up incredibly well, and this unedited version serves as a great instruction manual of how to handle a mainstream media hit-piece interview. Watch:


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