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Australia: ‘Politicians Don’t Have the Guts to Admit the COVID Crisis Was Exaggerated’

Australian lockdown meant even the beaches were off limits to the public (Image Source: Broad Agenda)

Before governments decided to ‘lockdown’ whole economies and societies, politicians completely avoided any discussion over the potential collateral damage which might be incurred due to their experimental shutdown policy.

Recently, in Australia is was revealed elective surgeries, including IVF, will gradually be phased back in as the government moves to lift some coronavirus restrictions.

During lockdown, Prime Minister Scott Morrison had told reporters while he was pleased with the declining rate of COVID infections in Australia, but still wouldn’t budge on lifting restrictions “too soon” and risk a theoretical outbreak of the coronavirus.

Early on, and much the same as in the UK and US, exaggerated predictions of doom that 150,000 Australians would somehow die of the virus if a ‘hard lockdown’ didn’t happen immediately.

According SKY News host Andrew Bolt, the fraudulent coronavirus computer modelling had “panicked the politicians and excited the media” and stated that “our leaders are now scared of relaxing bans that are hurting us more than help.”

Watch this fascinating panel discussion which politicians refused to have:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue