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New York City Now Imposing $500 Fine for Citizens Who Disobey ‘Social Distancing’ Rules

According to French President Emmanuel Macron, “We are at war.”  But who is really at war with whom?

One thing you keep hearing from government spokespersons, whether in the US, UK or Europe, is that “the spread of the coronavirus is likely to get worse before it gets better.” While few in the mainstream media question this commonly held assumption, many eminent scientists and medical experts are challenging the government and mainstream media’s fundamental assumptions about the severity of the threat posed by the virus.

Along with Europe, the United States is leading the way for the implementation of authoritarian police state measures designed to managed the eventually public unrest will result of many international governments’ collective decision to intentionally take down their economies and implement “lockdown” measures, including the enforcement of the Orwellian-sounding term “social distancing”.

Leading the way in this brave new dystopian effort is New York City who has shut down its bustling economy in order to supposedly contain what government officials are calling a “global pandemic.” Hence, ordinary social, work, family and religious life is suspended indefinitely. City officials are now attempting to enforce compliance to draconian measures through ‘behavioral modification’ measures including the imposition of excessive fines on already struggling residents.

Politico reports…

New York City residents who break social distancing rules will be subject to fines up to $500, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday.

As New York battles the spread of coronavirus, the state has ordered nonessential businesses to shut down, banned gatherings of any size and mandated that people stay six feet away from each other. Not everyone has listened.

Fines will be a last resort, but de Blasio has authorized police officers to give them out to people who are ordered to disperse but fail to do so.

There were 32,308 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the city on Sunday, and the death toll climbed to 678.

De Blasio said fines of $250 to $500 would begin for people found congregating in public spaces who fail to disperse when ordered, or return after officers have told them to move along.

“You’ve been warned and warned and warned again,” the mayor said during a Sunday press conference.

“They’re going to give people every chance to listen, and if anyone doesn’t listen, then they deserve a fine at this point,” de Blasio said. “I don’t want to fine people when so many folks are going through economic distress, but if they haven’t gotten the message by now, and they don’t get the message when an enforcement officer’s staring them in the face … that person then deserves the fine, so we’re going to proceed with that.”

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