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Mideast Coronavirus Update: Syria, Gaza, Yemen & Iran

Coronavirus mask over the Earth.

New confirmed coronavirus cases are hitting Mideast countries as aid groups say they can’t access as many as 300,000 people already engulfed in lock-downs, wars and humanitarian disasters.

Here’s a brief update, as reported by Antiwar.com:

  • Syria – Five new coronavirus cases. Fighting continues between government forces and Turkish-backed rebels in the Northwest territory of the country. Syria is still under heavy US and EU sanctions affecting  its ability to provide medical care, putting it at-risk for a potential Iran-like outbreak.
  • Gaza – Seven new coronavirus cases. Gaza’s medical infrastructure has been leveled by the Israeli blockade. Gaza’s population is also extremely dense, adding to fears of a rapid outbreak. The nearby West Bank is on complete lock-down and has 60 confirmed cases.
  • Yemen – No cases reported yet in Yemen; however, the country’s medical infrastructure has been decimated by the US-Saudi led war on the country that has 18 million people without access to clean water for basic preventative measures like hand-washing.
  • Iran – Iran’s coronavirus crisis continues to be the worst in the region and still one of the worst in the world. There are to-date over 27,000 confirmed cases and 2,000 deaths in the Islamic Republic – all of this while under the most crippling of sanctions imposed by the U.S.

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