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Syrian Army Continue Rapid Advance in Idlib, Controlling Key Areas West of Aleppo

Syrian Arab Army pushes into city of Maarat al-Nu’man, a key terrorist stronghold in Idlib (Image Source: SANA)

Khaled Iskef
21st Century Wire

The Syrian Army continued its rapid advancing on the axis of Idlib’s southern countryside and was able to control Wadi al-Dhaif camp, and the town of Al-Ghadfa, after violent battles with the militants of the Hayat Tahrir al Sham (HTS, formerly aka Al-Nusra Front/al Qaeda in Syria) and its loyal factions, bring its forces on the outskirts of the strategic city of Maarat al-Numan on the International Road.

The sources indicated that the Syrian Army has advanced rapidly making use of the successive collapses inflicted by the initial firing on the ranks of the militants, who suffered heavy losses in the members and equipment, after the warplanes targeted their supply lines with focused raids. By controlling over Wadi Al-Deif, the army became on the threshold of entering the city of Maarat al-Numan, located on Aleppo-Damascus Road, which is one of the largest and most strategically important cities in Idlib countryside.

In a related context, the Syrian army began rapid ground progress operations on the western outskirts of Aleppo City, and advanced towards a number of points and locations controlled by armed factions, coinciding with the intensified air strikes carried out by the joint Syrian-Russian Air Force fighters towards the locations of militants spread in north, west and south Aleppo, while artillery and missiles continued to target the militants’ points during the hours of Saturday night and Sunday morning, which resulted in destructing several points and ammunition depots belonging to the militants in those areas.

The clashes and initial firing operations, took place near Aleppo at dawn on Sunday, and are the most violent exchanges in years on these batle fronts located around the city.  Clashes focused on the areas of Jameat Al-Zahraa neighborhood, Al-Rashideen area, Al-Bohouth Al-Elmea, Ghabet Al-Assad and Jameat Al-Sahafeen, which resulted in killing and injuring dozens of HTS/Al-Nusra militants.

In conjunction with the Syrian military operations, the armed groups tried to open a distracting front for the Syrian Army in the area of Jam’at Al-Zahraa neighborhood, and they began bombing the residential part of the neighborhood with a large number of rockets that led to a partial collapse of one of the residential buildings and injuries among its residents. Syrian Army members reacted to this civilian emergency and were able to recover civilians who were trapped under the collapsed floors.


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