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Dems’ Impeachment Trial ‘Performance’ Ends, Trump’s Legal Team Makes Opening Arguments

U.S. House Democrats’ team of Impeachment Trial Managers, led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), concluded their opening arguments on Friday night. Now, President Trump’s legal team delivers its defense over the next several days.

Schiff, whose hyperbolic and dramatic performances have dragged on for months during congressional impeachment proceedings, ended the night by saying, “You’ll be pleased to know this is the last presentation of the evening” – and for many, that statement will be met with a collective sigh of relief.

Schiff basked in the adulation from all this week during his final closing argument, quoting the late Hubert Humphrey, former vice president and presidential candidate: “To be immortal, you don’t need to be eternal.”

Prominent Democrats and liberal pop culture icons took to social media to memorialize and pay tribute to Schiff’s prose, including Hillary Clinton:

But as columnist Joe Fitzgerald wrote for the Boston Herald on Friday, “enough already” and offers some advice:

Sometimes less is better. A good salesman knows when to stop. So if you’re called upon to be a speaker, remember the exasperation of Adam Schiff’s listeners.

It wasn’t just the content of his garrulous presentation that induced ennui; it was the physical challenge of taking it all in, hour after hour after hour.

It’s onto the GOP-led majority Senate and Trump’s defense team to move this ‘show trial’ along to a swift conclusion.

We’ll have more updates on this weekend’s Sunday Wire and next week on 21st Century Wire.

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