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Donald Trump Reveals That He’s an Anti-Semite With Attack on Congresswomen

U.S President Trump with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – against the backdrop of an Apartheid wall.

Robert Inlakesh
21st Century Wire

It is quite amusing to watch U.S. President Donald Trump try to justify his racist remarks by painting comments critical of Israeli policy and AIPAC as somehow being anti-Semitic and hence a justification, in his mind, to tell people to “go back where they came from”.

I’m sure that by now everyone reading this has heard of Trump’s controversial statements, aimed at four Democrat Congresswomen from different racial and religious groups. This article is centered around this issue, but will focus on an untouched aspect of what Trump has been saying and promoting.

A large portion of the defenses, from Donald Trump himself, of the statements he made, have been centered around the four congresswomen’s alleged “anti-semtic”, “anti-Israel” and “anti-American” comments.

Firstly, justifying your own racist statements by claiming those you targeted were also racist is not a sound argument. But beyond that, what he is claiming is not even remotely true.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

Trump’s attacks have been primarily aimed towards Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, as she has been extremely critical of the AIPAC Lobby and the Israeli government. Ilhan Omar has not once slandered the Jewish people, attacked Jewish identity or even used the term Jew or Jewish in her critique of Israel and Zionist Lobby power in the United States. Yet Donald Trump, who makes the most outrageous of comments on a near daily basis and defends them as not being hateful and racist, accuses others of antisemitism at any chance he gets.

In fact Trump can be heard in a recent rally talking about how Ilhan Omar makes anti-Semitic statements, whilst a large crowd of white Americans chant “send her back” behind him.

As the late Edward Said portrayed in his works, the Arab is the ‘new Jew’ to the West.

It is important to note from Trump’s evident disregard for the feelings of various minority communities in the United States, that he really does not wish to be involved in any fight back against racism. So why does he seem to be, on the surface, fighting antisemitism? The answer is very simple, he is not.

In fact, he is promoting antisemitism by legitimizing the Zionist view-point that somehow the AIPAC Lobby, powerful Zionists and the Israeli government are representative of the Jewish people. If you equate Jewish people with these things, then by default you are transferring the crimes of these entities/people onto all Jews.

If someone points out that Zionists, who are Jewish, hold powerful positions and that some of these people are perhaps being biased on the side of Israel and/or are committing a criminal act, this is very clearly not anti-semitic. If you assert that there’s something wrong with Jewish people being in these positions, then you are evidently a bigot, but if you point out that a lot of these individuals hold racist, Islamophobic views – then this is simply a concern for the way this influence among Zionists, whether they be Jewish or non-Jewish, may harm Palestinians or anyone who is opposed to Israel.

If you are attaching an entire group of people [Jewish people] to a genocidal regime or powerful individuals, then you are simply throwing the entire group under the bus.

This tactic is being used by people like Trump and other supporters of Israel. They are attempting to claim that if you criticize individuals who are Jewish Zionists, Israel, or Zionist Lobby power – for their horrific actions and rhetoric, then you are hating all Jews. This shallow, over-the-top argument is in fact creating more animosity we see today towards ordinary Jewish people.

When people are constantly told that Jews are to be equated with Israel, the Zionist Lobby or other individuals who are Zionist Jews, people start to believe it. The people that are against the actions of many influential Zionists, the Israeli state and Zionist Lobby groups, do not stop standing against them when they are called anti-semites for this. Instead, people will ignore these allegations for what they are, or they will fall into the trap of believing what they are told and think that there is some sort of Jewish conspiracy, encompassing most Jews, which is being covered up by Zionists.

The reason many people fall into this trap, is because they most likely have no real connection to Jewish people and are left to make up their mind based upon what they see and hear. Many of these people then end up becoming quite anti-Semitic. This is because they see the Jewish people as being part of Israel and other groups of Zionists, a picture that fascist Israel and its supporters have been able to effectively paint.

When the crimes of Israel and pro-Israel groups are called into question and we are called anti-semites for questioning them, it is absolutely essential as anti-racists that we call this out for what it is. Because we must stop them from throwing Jews under the bus and protecting Israel and its supporters, by transferring their crimes onto the Jewish people.

Trump is perhaps the most obvious example of someone who has spread this sort of bigotry, but he is really only the tip of the iceberg.

A similar thing is also happening in the U.K.  The Labour Party in the U.K. at this moment is indeed also helping to create anti-semitism and this is because it is not responding to the false allegations against it, by shutting it down for what it is. By default the Labour Party are accepting this notion, that Israel represents all Jews and that the Lobby groups and powerful Zionists are the same as all Jews. The Labour Party, if it was truly anti-racist, would have stood up to this attack and called it out for what it is. The Labour Party would respond to this by claiming that it does differentiate, but that doesn’t matter when they capitulate and refuse to fight the allegations.

Members of Jewish Voice For Peace (Pro-Palestine Jewish group) standing in solidarity with minority groups against Trump.

I can guarantee you, that followers of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, who don’t/didn’t hold the Palestinian issue as one of their most important concerns, have now become very mad with the Israeli influence upon their Party with all these allegations. By not fighting these allegations, however, they put on a display of guilt and show that they accept the association of all Jews and Israel.

If you are an anti-racist, you should be appalled by this. Unless we start calling this out for what it is, I fear that we will start to see a lot of real antisemitism rise.

Because if we continue allowing Zionists to tie all Jews together with Israel, powerful Lobbies and groups of criminal individuals, we are allowing not only these pro-Israel groups to silence us [Pro-Palestine voices] as somehow being “anti-semitic”, but we are allowing them to throw ordinary Jewish people under the bus.

Author Robert Inlakesh is a special contributor to 21WIRE and European correspondent for Press TV. He has reported from on the ground in occupied Palestine. See more of his work here.

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