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Inlakesh: Why the US Cannot Win a War Against Iran

Today, the US Senate will vote on a war-authorization measure that could block President Donald Trump’s efforts to launch a military strike on Iran unless without seeking congressional approval. This comes after Trump threatened Iran with “obliteration” on this week, claiming that the US will use “overwhelming force” against Tehran if it attacks “anything American.”

Last week, Trump claims to have initially authorized a missile strike on Iran as retribution for Tehran’s downing of a US Global Hawk drone – but pulled back at the last minute citing concerns he had over potential human casualties on the Iranian side. However, the usual bipartisan consensus in favor of war is now beginning to crack, as both Democrats, and even some Republicans, are now distancing themselves from Trump’s flippant rhetoric regarding Iran.

Press TV UK presenter Robert Inlakesh explains how when commenting on the issue of Iran, loud Neoconservative talking heads like Ben Shapiro, and meandering war hawks like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton – are all selling an imaginary world view which isn’t actually based on reality or facts on the ground. Here’s why the US could never ‘win’ a win a war against Iran. Watch:

Iran Will Win A War Against The U.S – Here's Why! #DonaldTrump

Iran Will Win A War Against The U.S – Here's Why!Ben Shapiro's Neocon, Bolton-Pompeo friendly, madness is not in U.S. interests.

Posted by Press TV UK on Thursday, June 27, 2019


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