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EVENT: Wednesday June 12th: ‘Imperialism on Trial – Free Julian Assange’

Join us this Wednesday June 12th in London for Imperialism on Trial, with powerful line-up of speakers representing a broad spectrum of of voices across the independent media, politics and activism – focusing on the issue of Press Freedom and the plight of award-winning publisher Julian Assange and his organisation WikiLeaks.

All those taking part in the events recognise the dire situation Julian faces, and feel so passionately for him, on a human level, where extradition to the US may result in up in a prison sentence totally 175 years – for the act of practicing journalism.

Hosted by former MP, now TV and radio broadcaster, George Galloway, and speakers including:

Clare Daly (Irish TD & MEP)
Ogmundur Jonasson (Former Icelandic Minister)
Tommy McKearney (Former Irish Hunger Striker)
Patrick Henningsen (21st Century Wire)
Alexander Mercouris (The Duran)
Neil Clark (Journalist, Author, Broadcaster)
Roshan Muhammed Salih (Press TV)
Wikileaks Spokesperson TBC

“There is a war being waged against journalism and whistle-blowers. The very cornerstone of a democracy is a free press, and we have seen how this fourth estate has capitulated to every whim of the neoliberal and imperialists’ agenda. And because of this, we require alternative media outlets, such as Wikileaks, to do the job that the mainstream aren’t doing, which is about exposing corporate and governmental malfeasance.”

Venue: Crypt on the Green, Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R 0EA, June 12, 7pm- 10pm (doors open, 6:15pm). Tickets are £10, available on the door or online at Eventbrite:

READ MORE ASSANGE NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Assange/Wikileaks Files




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