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Anti-Muslim Riots Break Out in Sri Lanka

Some social unrest has broken out in Sri Lanka following last month’s Easter Bombing in the commercial capital Colombo. It’s been said that Muslims in Sri Lanka were ‘bracing themselves’ for a revenge attack following the supposed ‘ISIS bombings’ of three churches and three hotels which were bombed by local Islamic extremists on April 21, killing some 258 people.

Sri Lanka’s police arrested over 100 suspects and reimposed night curfews in violence-prone areas on Wednesday following a series of anti-Muslim riots.

Police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said 78 people arrested in the worst-affected North Western Province were remanded in custody, while the rest were detained after a manhunt in other areas.

AFP reported this week that at least 5,500 additional police were deployed in the province to contain the violence that claimed the life of a Muslim man on Monday. It’s reported that scores of private homes, along with Muslim-owned shops and businesses were destroyed by raging mobs, and several mosques were also vandalized.

The following video was released by Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka, which shows military and police personnel joining Sinhala mobs in anti-Muslims riots over recent days. Watch:

“The CCTV recording from the mosque shows an army soldier apparently calling the mob towards the premises with a hand signal around 6.45 pm. In less than a minute later, at least three policemen and five soldiers can be seen among the mob that started pelting the windows with stones,” JDS said, publicising the video.

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