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Sudanese President al-Bashir Ousted in Military Coup, Two-Year Transition Planned

SouthFront reports…

On April 11th, the Sudanese military announced that (now former) Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was ousted and detained.

Protesters were happy to hear that the 30-year-rule of Bashir had come to an end, but their happiness was short-lived.

Defense Minister, General, Awad Mohammad Ahmed Ibn Auf announced that a two-year Military Council would be formed the lead the country.

Defense Minister, General, Awad Mohammad Ahmed Ibn Auf announced that a two-year Military Council would be formed the lead the country.

The transitional constitution of 2005, after South Sudan separated itself would be suspended.

He announced a state of emergency over the next three months and a curfew for the next month which prohibits citizens from being outside between 10 PM and 4 AM.

He also announced the closure of the airspace and crossings for 24 hours, in addition to resolving the institution of the presidency and the Council of Ministers and the Parliament and the Council of State and State governments and their legislative councils and assigning the governors to carry out tasks and assigning the undersecretaries of ministries to run the work.

The military’s statement assured that all courts and embassies would continue working, affirming the Military Council ‘s commitment to preserve public life without exclusion.

“The Army affirmed its keenness to pave the way for peaceful handling of power, building of political parties, holding of a free and transparent elections in the end of the transitional period and issuance of the permanent constitution.”

General Ibn Auf said that the higher security committee and the Armed Forces and its other components have assumed full responsibility for changing the entire system for a transitional period of two years, in which the Armed Forces will be the main and a limited representation of the components of that committee.

Once again, mass portests were used as a pretext for a coup that would perpetuate the current regime, but with a new leader. General Ibn Auf, like former President al-Bashir, had been accused of perpetrating war crimes in Sudan’s western region of Darfur. He is also a confidant of al-Bashir. On February 24th, Ibn Auf was sworn in as first vice president.

“It’s basically Bashir’s henchmen taking over,” said Alex de Waal, a Sudan expert at Tufts University. “It stops a civil war among Sudan’s rivalrous military oligarchs, but it won’t satisfy the demands for democracy.”

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