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Saudi Rejects Trump-Netanyahu Golan Land-grab, Recognizes East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

Crown Prince MBS whispers into the ear of King Salman.

In a move which is sure to stir concern in Washington today, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman announced that he “absolutely rejects” the illegal Trump-Netanyahu annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights region, most of which is currently being illegally occupied by Israel against multiple UN Resolutions.  Salam stated that such a brazen move by the US and its regional enforcer Israel, would in fact undermine Syrian sovereignty over an area which US President Donald Trump has now formally recognized as ‘Israeli territory.’

His remarks came while speaking at an Arab League Summit in Tunisia. Salman also went on to restate his support for the ‘two-state solution’ peace plan between Israel and Palestine, and also reaffirmed his recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestine state.

Now that the King has decreed this position on the Golan Heights, it remains to be seen whether or not Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) will come out as strong publicly on the issue. In recent years, MBS has drifted closer to the Zionist state of Israel. However, Saudi may be drifting back away from some of of its numerous Israeli partnership initiatives, and also from its pro-Washington positions after a western backlash against the Kingdom in the wake of the controversial disappearance and the as yet unsolved disappearance/death of high-profile Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The Saudi government strongly denied that MBS was involved in the Khashoggi affair, but has since been roundly condemned by the international community for the Saudi-led military coalition’s 4 year-long bombing campaign in Yemen resulting in the UN calling the situation in the war-ravaged country “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.” No doubt, all of this may have influenced Saudi Arabia to try and repair its credibility in the international community, including a move back towards positive relations with its Arab neighbors, including Syria – despite that fact of Saudi’s own continuous support for the radical Salafist ‘rebel’ terrorists who have ravaged Syria from 2011 to the present.

Expect some possible vocal ‘sabre rattling’ at Saudi by US Senators on the Israel Lobby’s payroll, including Bob Menendez (Democrat NeoCon-NJ), Eliot Engel (Democrat NeoCon-NY), and Ted Cruz (R-TX), in the hopes to pin Saudi into a corner and force some concessions to the reiteration of the King’s stance.

It remains to be seen how this latest announcement might affect the upcoming April 9th Israeli elections which sees Israeli PM Netanyahu fighting off serious challenges to his dynastic rule. This week, Israel bombed Gaza once again after a makeshift missile was launched from Gaza into central Israel. Like his flippant annexation of the Golan Heights, this latest foray into Gaza looks clearly to be a move to excite Netanyahu’s increasingly extremist support base.

The Golan Heights are a key strategic area which was captured by the Israeli military from Syria during the Six-Day War in 1967, and then claimed it under ‘Israeli law’ in 1981 in an illegal annexation. The United States and the international community backed Resolution 242 adopted in 1967, which calls on Israel to withdraw from its illegally occupied territories, and adopted another resolution in 1973 which reaffirms the demand for a withdrawal, and  again in 1981.

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