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BREAKING: Pakistan Shoots Down 2 Indian Jets Inside PK Airspace, India Retaliates

India and Pakistan moved closer to war today as reports confirm that 2 Indian Air Force jets inside of Pakistani airspace in the highly contested Kashmir region. This is not the first serious military confrontation  between the two countries over Kahmir, but it comes at a time of heightened political tensions for both of these two Asian nuclear powers. Presently, geopolitical tension between the world’s great powers are on the rise as US, Russia and China all move to realign their alliances by courting both India and Pakistan through trade and arms deals, as well as through threats of punitive sanctions as the US has done. How these powers react diplomatically may determine the outcome of this fluid situation.

There have been a number of claims, counter claims and denials from both sides. Here we will present some of these, and wait for further confirmation. Readers are encouraged to leave their comments below.

Early reports claim that Indian jets were shot down over Pakistani airspace in Pakistan-administered Kashmir this morning. The incident comes just one day after India launched “anti-terror” airstrikes on Pakistani territory according to a statement made by Pakistani spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor.

It is believed that two Indian air force pilots have been taken into custody and are being treated for wounds and injuries at a Pakistani military hospital.

Additionally, Ghafoor added that Pakistan had also fired on six targets in Indian-administered Kashmir, hitting “open spaces” – in order to demonstration their capability to hit Indian targets, and was ‘not intended’ to cause any civilian or military casualties. The Pakistani foreign office issued this statement:

“Sole purpose was to demonstrate our right, will and capability for self-defence.” 

“We have no intention of escalation but are fully prepared to do so if forced into that paradigm.”


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi vowed military retaliation.

Just hours later, Times of India has reported that the IAF shot down Pakistani F-16, with one Indian pilot missing in the clash. According to MEA, a Pakistan fighter aircraft was shot down by a MiG-21 Bison. The aircraft was seen by ground forces falling on the Pakistan side.

Times also reported that one IAF fighter jet was lost in this second altercation:

We unfortunately lost one MiG-21 in this engagement and an Indian pilot is missing in action. Pakistan claims the pilot is in their custody, however we are ascertaining the facts: MEA

Other Indian media sources have also reported this same incident:

According to Reuters, Pakistani PM Imran Khan says we need to use “wisdom” and sense to resolve dispute with India, and says that Islamabad is “ready to cooperate with India” over Pulwama attack.

Pakistan has also announced that its airspace has been closed for all commercial flights, and that several airports in northern India have also been closed causing flight cancellations for a number of cities.

South Front reports…

On February 27, Pakistan shot down 2 Indian warplanes inside its airspace, according to a statement by the Pakistani Defense Ministry. A military spokesman said that one of the jets fell inside the Pakistani-controlled part of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, while another one inside the Indian-controlled part of the region.

At least one Indian pilot was reportedly arrested by Pakistani troops.

On February 26, the Indian Air Force conducted a strike on what it described as a terrorist camp inside the Pakistani territory. The move led to the escalation of territorial conflict between Pakistan and India over Azad Jammu and Kashmir.


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