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US State Dept. Claims Assad Brought ISIS Into Syria, Admits US Has No Intention of Leaving Syria

It has long been suspected, that far from “fighting ISIS” as the US boldly claim at every turn, that Washington has been ‘managing’ the issue of ISIS in order to first help facilitate regime change in Syria (which has so far failed), and now as the justification for the illegal US occupation of northeastern Syria.

Many remaining suspicions have been dispelled following a recent Special Briefing this week conducted by the US State Dept. and  its Special Representative for Syria Engagement, James F. Jeffrey (image above).

In it, Jeffrey let slip that the US would indeed be staying to illegally occupy Syria even after ‘Daesh’ (ISIS) is gone, claiming that it would be pursuing other, “secondary” goals like evicting Iranian influence from Syria and stopping Tehran’s “malign activities,” as well as proving to the world that Washington has a genuine “interest in achieving a political solution by the various ways we have, not just diplomatic but security and military, through economic tools and other assets that we have and that we’re deploying in this conflict.”

Jeffrey opened his address by rattling off a series of lies – none of which were challenged by the mainstream media stenographer pool. He opened with the invented claim that the Syrian government only controls “half” if the country, and then went on the claim that “half the population (of Syria) has fled its horrific rule” as refugees or internally displaced persons (IDPs). Both of these statements are gross exaggerations designed to bolster the central US propaganda pillar which gives the false impression that the Syrian government is illegitimate.

Jeffrey then lied again by pushing a completely bogus claim that Iran was responsibly for the rise of ISIS in 2013 and 2014.

He didn’t stop there. Jeffrey proceeded lie again about the roots of ISIS, inventing a fictional narrative – claiming that ISIS was invited into Syria by the government in Damascus:

“Technically, the Syrian government invited them in; we expect the Syrian government to ask them to leave.”

One has to question the qualifications of Jeffrey after making this series of politically loaded and invented statements.

Similar conspiracy theories were drifted out by various members of the Obama establishment before, but this new brand of brazen rhetoric in Washington smacks of a distinct, unapologetic and openly hypocritical NeoCon tone, sans the ‘freedom and democracy’ vindicationism. In other words, unlike the Obama Administration who preferred to be two-faced between its public and covert sides of intervention and running its proxy wars under the table – the Trump Administration is making no bones as to what it thinks and will dutifully repeat any Israeli-issued talking point which blames Iran – in order to justify anti-Iranian sanctions and an increased war-footing against Tehran.

Most important though, was the new arbitrary term unveiled which will be the rhetorical linchpin used to keep US forces and its proxies in Syrian indefinitely. When asked when the US would leave Syria, Jeffrey said the US would not leave even if ISIS was defeated, but rather until there was an “enduring Defeat of ISIS.” Jeffrey could give no specific definition to what this term actually means.

Al Masdar News reports…

The Syrian government is directly responsible for creating Daesh (ISIS)*, US special representative for Syria engagement James Jeffrey has alleged.

“The Syrian regime produced ISIS,” the diplomat said, speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday. “The elements of ISIS in the hundreds, probably, saw an opportunity in the total breakdown of civil society and of the upsurge of violence as the population rose up against the Assad regime, and the Assad regime, rather than try to negotiate or try to find any kind of solution, unleashed massive violence against its own population.”

“That created a space for ISIS to recruit people; to protect people to some degree, ironic as it sounds, from the depredations of the Assad regime; and very soon, ISIS had an army of 35,000 troops and had seized big chunks of both Iraq and Syria,” Jeffrey said.

Later in the press conference, Jeffrey appeared to contradict himself, recalling that al-Qaeda in Iraq, the direct precursor to Daesh, was actually started in Iraq.

“ISIS’s predecessor under the same leader, [Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi, al-Qaeda in Iraq, was almost completely defeated when I was in Iraq…But it was able to regenerate itself because there was no long-term strategy in either Syria or Iraq, but particularly in Iraq at the time, because that’s where we were focused on, to ensure the enduring defeat of these elements,” the diplomat said.

Daesh’s predecessor, al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), was formed in 2004, soon after the US invasion of Iraq, which caused the country to descend into chaos as a number of terrorist groups, warlords and militia groups waged guerrilla warfare against the central administration, US forces, and each other for control of their territories.

No US Aid for Reconstruction

Calling Syria a “pariah” state, Jeffrey stressed that neither Washington nor “most of the rest of the international community that typically provides reconstruction funds” would do so “until we see a great deal more progress” in Syria…

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