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Moderate Traffickers: Turkish-backed ‘Free Syrian Army’ Caught Smuggle Hashish in Ambulances

US-backed criminal gangs were terrorizing residents of Aleppo and Syria since 2012.

Washington’s ‘rebel’ darlings are running an organized crime syndicate based along the Turkish-Syria border.

Since their defeat in 2017, the western-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) ‘rebel’ faction in Syria have been desperate to repair their public image in the international media. This has been especially important for wayward NATO member state Turkey, who provided the initial launching pad for the FSA in 2011, along with other jihadist terrorist fighting groups in terrorist and western NGO-infested areas Gaziantep near Turkey’s southern Hatay Province.

In late 2011, the US and UK media, led by outlets like CNN and the BBC and with the help of Senator John McCain, began circulating the fake talking point that the FSA were a group of Syrian Army ‘defectors’. This PR tactic was essential in convincing western politicians into believing these were “moderate rebels”, when in fact they were violent militants and jihadis determined to destabilize Syria and extend the 8 year war. In reality, the FSA were foreign-backed, mostly non-Syrians, and violent criminals and killers. This is well documented by now, including an incident where an FSA commander carved the heart of a dead Syrian Arab Army soldier and began eating it on camera, and also the brutal lynching of dozens of Syrian security officers in the Jisr Shoghour Massacre. These were only but a few of the FSA long-running killing spree in Syria.

Their troubles were compounded when President Trump announced an end to Obama’s illegal policy of arming and supplying Syrian rebel groups, as Washington finally realized after 7 years that these jihadi mercenaries could not actually topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. Desperate for extra money, the US and Turkish-backed terrorists have resorted to organized crime, including trafficking narcotics in the region. This week, one of their key smuggling rat lines appears to have been busted where they were caught posing as fake “first responders” and “rescuers.”

Almasdar News reports…

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:20 P.M.) – The Turkish-backed rebels  were caught trying to smuggle hashish across the Syrian border this week. According to reports, the Turkish authorities foiled an attempt by Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters to smuggle hashish across the border via an ambulance.

The rebels were reportedly trying to smuggle the hashish across the Al-Rai Crossing, which leads into Turkey’s Gaziantep Province. The ambulance was carrying more than 20kg of hashish, which was hidden under one of the car seats.

The ambulance itself belonged to the Gaziantep Municipal Hospital; it had previously transported a patient to the medical facility before they attempted to smuggle the hashish across the border.

Image above of British ambulances appeared on Al-Jazeera in 2014.

Previously, it was discovered that many of the ambulances being used in rebel-terrorist-held territories of Syria were smuggled into the country by British ‘NGO’ volunteers claiming to be “delivering aid to Syria.” As a result, pro-rebel media outlets like Al-Jazeera began to panic and ran apologetic news pieces to try and rehabilitate the images of what were clearly a corrupt network of western NGOs who were actively involved in providing aid and material support to terrorists in Syria under the media cover of “helping Syrians” and supporting “moderate rebels.”

It’s as yet unclear whether or not this latest narotics bust involved these same British-supplied  ambulances to ferry the illegal drugs.

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