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Syrian Army Spies Taunt Jihadi Militants in North Idlib with Videos

Al Masdar News reports…

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (6:25 P.M.) – As the Syrian Army amasses forces to storm the jihadi-controlled Idlib, government agents continue to taunt militants by posting videos from various areas across the province.

Today, the official Facebook page of the elite Tiger Forces released a video filmed by government spies from Kafr Takharim town in northern Idlib.

This comes as part of the ‘psychological warfare’ adopted by the Syrian Army to negatively affect the morale of jihadi militants by instilling a sense of insecurity.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army continue to pummel militants’ positions and supply routes; killing and injuring scores and inflicting substantial losses in weaponries.

لنا أعيُناً لا تتعب ولا تنام و لنا قلباً لا يَخشى و عزيمةً لا تَفنى ووطناً لا يُضام ..#خاص || جنود #الأسد استخبارات #النمر في #ريف_ادلب و جولة مصورة في #كفرتخاريم انتظرونااا القااادم أعظم التعليق لكم #عمليات_النمر_العسكرية#بدعمكم_نستمر

Posted by ‎عشاق النصر‎ on Wednesday, August 15, 2018



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