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UK COLUMN: Bana 2.0 in Idlib, Twitter’s Orwellian Hand, Guardian Fake ‘Russian Spy’ News and more

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your TV again, or open your Sunday paper, or check your Twitter feed. Learning how to swim in a sea of mainstream and government propaganda…

UK Column anchor Mike Robinson is joined by 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen with the top stories from weekend and this week. Watch:

START – Brexit: more nonsense in the MainStream Media… Marine Management Organisation: advanced notice of changes to fishery laws MMO: UK fishermen will still need to comply with EU law changes in 2019… EU law becomes UK law as we Brexit (without the exit) 03:30: Treason May: opt-out for organ and tissue donation UK Column article: No Time to Die by Doctor Mike Williams
07:51 – Syria: Twitter – Bana 2, the sequel… The twelfth follower of Bana 2: a BBC journalist linked to BBC Media Action 12:44 – Going Underground: white helmets leader & Vanessa Beeley interviewed Where has the £150 million of taxpayers money gone…? FOI exemption… 21 Wire article: FOIA document republished – any info on 115,000 lives saved…?
16:23 – Yemen: US allies don’t defeat al-Qaeda but pay it to go away… Moon of Alabama 2015: Yemen – Saudis to arm ‘popular committees’ (aka al-Qaeda) MainStream Media: this is not newsworthy…
19:32 – Iran: US will enforce sanctions against the country Is the West trying to bankrupt Iran and force regime change…? US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: spreading fake news
25:07 – Guardian fake news: suspected Russian spy at US embassy in Moscow Suspect is a Russian employed by the secret service… Guardian doubles-down on the fake story…MainStream Media has no shame
28:18 – US: Russian ‘intervention’ in 2016 election still in the headlines
29:53 – Twitter suspends Black Conservative for changing NYT bigot’s tweets – from ‘White’ to ‘Jewish’ and ‘Black’… Political ‘correctness’ used to leverage certain angles to achieve political power Who is Sarah Jeong…? Why is she not bound by Twitter’s rules…?
34:30 – Canada criticises Saudi Arabia…Saudi Arabia freezes trade ties… BBC uses the opportunity to give free advertising to US Democratic party Is the Saudi Arabian royal family under threat…?
37:18 – UK: smart cities – cities must make better use of data No mention of data protection or data security – MSM silent again… Taxpayers money is being diverted from essential local services No government communication: public not told what the money is spent on Private sector and public sector are collaborating on the smart cities agenda.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue