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PALESTINE: George Galloway Schools Laura Loomer on the History of the Genocidal Zionist Occupation

Injured children after Zionist forces fired on unarmed protestors in Gaza. (Photo: U-News)

21st Century Wire says..

George Galloway destroys American far-right political activist, Laura Loomer’s horrifying defence of the Zionist regime’s brutality and genocidal policy against the Palestinian people. Loomer treated the recent murder of sixty Palestinians in Gaza as if it were a football score, celebrating the 58 deaths of unarmed Palestinians versus the zero casualty score in the Zionist ranks.

Among the murdered civilians was an 8 month old baby girl Leila Al-Ghandour who was overcome by the tear gas fired upon civilians by the IOF.

Listen to George Galloway’s masterful deconstruction of Loomer’s Zionist propaganda:


Cover photograph by Mahmud Hams of AFP. 

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue