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Can We All Agree That U.S. Officials Are Lying About Yemen?

21st Century Wire says…

The article “US Army Special Forces Secretly Sent to Fight Houthis in Yemen“, published to AntiWar.com last week caught our attention, as we continue to follow the bouncing ball of  regime change around the world.

In the report, we learned that the U.S. military is more deeply involved with the Saudi War on Yemen than U.S. officials both at the Pentagon and in the Trump Administration have ever admitted:

“In fact, new evidence suggests the Pentagon lied to Congress during the March debate about US involvement, presenting the US role at present being limited to targeting and mid-air refueling of Saudi warplanes.”

AntiWar.com also picked up the New York Times report about the “small number of US special forces on the ground at the Saudi border with Yemen” since at least late 2017, who “are there on a mission to help the Saudi military fight Yemen’s Shi’ite Houthi movement.”

This continues to be very disturbing, and yet not surprising, given the endless “War on Terror” narrative we’ve been fed for almost two decades ever since the AUMF was signed into law shortly after the 9/11 attacks.

And not only has there been no public debate on this military deployment, but the true nature of these Green Berets sent to the Saudi border has been hidden by both the Pentagon and the Trump Administration – the latter maintaining that any military presence in support of Saudi Arabia’s brutal war on Yemen is strictly “non-combat” and for logistical air purposes only.

Yemeni resident in Taiz, who lost everything after another Saudi airstrike.

Let’s be clear: the U.S. has no legal standing in its involvement in the war on Yemen. Something else that should be clear by now: President Trump may never make good on his bold campaign promise of less senseless wars overseas. We’ve watched as Trump defers to ‘the Generals’ to double-down on a previous bad Obama bet.

Yemen is also the state sanctioned mass murder that nobody wants to talk about. Count up the number of Yemen stories at 21WIRE (over 100) versus what you’ll struggle to find at mainstream media outlets. It’s staggering.

Little Sameeh clings to the dead body of his father after the bombing of a wedding party in Hajjah, Yemen with bombs manufactured in the U.S.

As 21WIRE’s Vanessa Beeley wrote just last week:

“Children are dying every day in Yemen. They are dying from starvation, from treatable diseases, from Saudi bombs. They are dying because the UK Government does not care if they live or die. They are dying because corporate media in the west is so linked to state foreign policy, it has lost all humanity. They are dying because the UN tacitly supports the Saudi imposed blockade and humanitarian siege.”

That says it all. ‘Tacit support’ for an illegal and brutal war across the board – and it’s still a forgotten and invisible war, thanks to corporate Western media who run in lockstep with the foreign policy of their host states. Whether it’s the U.S. mockingbird media operation at CNN, or the UK’s state-run media giant, the BBC, et al…take your pick.

We’re clearly being lied to about Yemen, and it’s time we all agree to step-up the pace of exposing this lie.

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