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Davos: China Offered Bold Vision, Trump Played ‘Blame Game’


With Davos now on ice until next year, China’s vision for the future marches on.


Adam Garrie
Eurasia Future

The World Economic Forum in Davos is increasingly becoming something of an old fashioned ‘boys club’, more intent on self-congratulatory statements than meaningful proposals and ideas which can move the world forward into the age of prosperity derived from respectful inter-connectivity. This may be one of the reasons why China’s President Xi Jinping skipped this year’s forum.

Nevertheless, the Chinese delegation offered the boldest vision for the future, based on the principles of Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism With Chinese Characteristics for A New Era.  China has a clear model whereby increased automation, technological advancement and new creative design across all fields of production can economically co-exist with rising living standards and an eradication of poverty. This is because while China continues to encourage individual invention, the wealth of the Chinese system retains a circular flow of both inward and outwards investment, the beneficiaries of which are ultimately the Chinese people themselves as well as those who seek to integrate their economies into China’s One Belt–One Road. The latter offers the potential to increase the flow of wealth throughout the world, based on some of the principles which have elevated China from the poverty of the early and mid 20th century, to the world’s leading society that it is today.

By contrast, Donald Trump’s speech was the stereotypical blame game that pinned America’s visible failures that he highlighted endlessly in his Presidential campaign on so-called “unfair trade deals”. In reality, it is not Chinese prosperity and innovation that has cost America its economic prestige.

Long-term US economic decline can be traced to an inverse problem to that which created the wealth of the United States in the 20th century…

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