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In Search of the Ultimate Haircut in North Korea – Eva Bartlett Interviews the Explorers

Eva Bartlett

Australians Aleksa Vulović and Alex Apollonov had enough of corporate media’s literally scripted “news” on North Korea, so they came up with a creative way to confront the rhetoric. They chose one of the most-repeated stories, that of the haircut ‘law’, and went to get one in the DPRK. 

Recently, we spoke together about “The Haircut”, corporate media and the lexicon widely-used on North Korea, and more.

Apollonov & Vulović’s Facebook page, Boy Boy, says of the documentary:

“What have you heard about North Korea? What can you confidently say you know about the place?

Join us as we travel to “the most dangerous country on earth” for the ultimate haircut: a haircut that separates the fake-news from the news-news.”

Their Youtube upload reads:

The isolated, hermit kingdom of the DPRK is shrouded in secrecy, It’s nearly impossible to get any reliable information from behind the bamboo curtain. Nonetheless, every week, on T.V. and online, we are bombarded by the bizarre media-spectacle of North Korea.

From nuclear apocalypse and prison camps to banned sarcasm and compulsory identical haircuts – any shred of information regarding North Korea becomes a viral media hit, regardless of how dubious the story is.

But that’s all about to change.

Two Aussie boys decided to take matters into their own hands and go to North Korea to find out the truth for themselves. Join us as we look past the click-bait and unpack the forces behind the way our media represents the “Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea”.”

Watch the interview: 


Listen to Eva Bartlett talking about her recent visit to DPRK: Eva Bartlett in North Korea – Going Behind the Media Iron Curtain

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