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DPRK Defiant: ‘The More US Impose Sanctions, the Faster We Pursue Nukes’

21st Century Wire says…

This week, neocon war hawks in Washington conformed what we had already suspected for some time: that the Trump administration is not ruling out a military option against North Korea.

Invariably, all this fighting talk from Washington is public relations gold for Pyongyang. Being seen to stand up against an aggressive US military establishment is effectively reinforcing the Kim brand at at home.

Still, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is none the wiser. We have pretty much exhausted all the things that we can do at the [UN] Security Council at this point,” said Haley to CNN on Sunday. “We wanted to be responsible and go through all diplomatic means to get their attention first, if that doesn’t work, [Secretary of Defense] General Mattis will take care of it.”

So is it merely a case of ‘leave it to The Generals‘? That seems to be surface narrative anyway. The rest is just profits and dividends for the US defense industry…

RT International reports…

North Korea has warned that the more sanctions pursued by the US and its allies, the more quickly it will complete its nuclear force, official state news agency KCNA reports.

The latest sanctions represent “the most vicious, unethical and inhumane act of hostility to physically exterminate the people of the DPRK, let alone its system and government,” a foreign ministry spokesman said, as cited by Reuters.

The most recent UN sanctions include capping crude oil supplies to North Korea at present levels and reductions in other commodities. They also include banning textile imports.

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The sanctions were enacted after North Korea launched its sixth and most powerful nuclear test earlier this month.

US President Donald Trump poked fun at North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Sunday, calling him “Rocket Man” and stating that long gas lines had formed in North Korea as a result of the sanctions.

As Trump delivers harsh messages to Kim, Moscow and Beijing have warned all parties to avoid unnecessary escalation…

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