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Vanessa Beeley: Syrian Army Battle for Liberation of Jobar and Ein Tarma, Damascus from Nusra Front Occupation

SAA soldier and tank from previous battles to liberate Jobar (Photo: Facebook)

Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

As we pulled into the gates of the REAL Syria Civil Defence in Damascus, 200 meters from the Ein Tarma frontlines in the eastern suburbs of Damascus, the battle raged. 

After the liberation of Qaboun, Ein Tarma and Jobar remain, eerie lunar landscapes, scarred, looming buildings, crumbling into the ground that has been pounded by Syrian Arab Army (SAA) bombardments. As in East Aleppo, the various NATO member state and Gulf state brigades of extremists, led by Nusra Front go to ground, inhabiting the network of tunnels that run beneath Jobar and Ein Tarma and stretch as far as the Old City of Damascus. This fact alone, makes the cleansing of these areas particularly precarious. Any heavy duty bombing risks shock waves passing through the tunnels and damaging structures in the historic Old City of Damascus. A fact, explained to me by a volunteer “civilian” solider in the Syrian Army.

Contrary to the western media propaganda, the REAL Syria Civil Defence is on the frontlines in Damascus and across Syria. Western media and the Al Qaeda affiliated White Helmets claim that the RSCD are safely tucked away in Syrian Government held areas. However, these headquarters are in the midst of the battles for the liberation of Ein Tarma and Jobar.

We arrived two days ago, on the 7th August just after the targeting of two SAA tanks directly outside the entrance to the RSCD centre. Other vehicles were also smouldering in the street outside. Failaq Al-Rahman brigade [very loosely affiliated with the Free Syrian Army], working with Nusra Front had targeted the training tower just before we arrived, causing minor structural damage. We were told to quickly enter the safety of the main building in order to avoid sniper fire from the terrorist factions and continuing mortar fire into the two brigade yards, in front of the buildings.

Recent sniper fire on the walls of the RSCD headquarters opposite Ein Tarma, Eastern Damascus (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

Despite Russian ultimatums that all, so called “moderates” separate from the designated terrorist factions, ISIS and Nusra Front – Al Rahman brigade had refused to distance itself from the more  powerful Nusra Front. The Syrian Arab Army 4th Division was attacking Ein Tarma as we sat inside the RSCD building. There was the sound of heavy gunfire being exchanged and the constant hum of mortars and missile fire with the inevitable window rattling as missiles hit target around us.

This is routine for the members of the RSCD, their centre and their volunteer crew have been systematically targeted and murdered since the terrorist occupation of Jobar and the surrounding areas began early on in the Syrian conflict.

We were told by the RSCD colonel that the SAA 4th division tanks had been targeted and destroyed by “thermal rockets”. According to Al Masdar News:

“Among the weapons used by Failaq Al-Rahman were machine-guns, snipers, hell cannons, guided anti-tank missiles and rocket launchers”

Questions must surely be asked, how these terrorist and extremist factions are receiving armoury supplies despite the claims that the CIA has withdrawn supply to its proxies in Syria.

Video footage from Failaq Al Rahman is included in Al Masdar’s report here. One of the 4th division soldiers, who had been badly injured, was captured and a reported seven were killed in action.

“In response, the SAA’s 4th Mechanized Division – heavily assisted by the 105th and 106th Brigades of the Republican Guard – intensified their shelling of Ayn Tarma, Douma, Zamalka and Jobar. Airstrikes were also called in to hammer insurgent-held villages in the East Ghouta, some of which are controlled by Jaish Al-Islam and Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS).”

The rain of explosive bullets and mortars into civilian areas of Damascus, particularly Bab Touma, has been intense the last three days. As always, the terrorist response to SAA attacks is to target innocent civilians. The air strikes from Sryian jets and the firing of ground to ground thermobaric missiles has increased the last three nights and we appear to be in the final stages of an offensive to finally cleanse Jobar and Ein Tarma of its terrorist infestation.

As I write this short report, Syrian jets are roaring overhead, the windows of the hotel are rattling with the blasts that are only 1km away from us.

When the SAA is successful, Syrian children  and civilians in Damascus will once again be able to walk the streets of their city and go to school without fear of random and lethal mortars claiming yet more young lives in this vicious and brutal war against the fabric of Syrian society that has been waged by US, UK, EU, Gulf state funded and armed mercenaries and terrorists.

The Syrian army is the Syrian people and their lives are being lost fighting a senseless war against externally imposed terrorist armies. They are fighting under sanctions, with old equipment, they are fighing in punishing conditions against an enemy that is, often, better armed & equipped than they are..thanks to the US and UK coalition. They are winning this war because they fight for their people and for their country, above all for the right to maintain their way of life and their secular state and to determine their own future without foreign meddling.

The NATO state, illegal, proxy war of intervention & “regime change” was lost the minute it began, thanks to these heroes and their courageous allies.

The following video shows the final words from an SAA officer,  Rafe’ Wajih al Shelly. He was fatally injured in the battle for Ein Tarma but still found the strength to say these last, brave words to his comrades, minutes before he died. A fitting testament to the infinite courage of these soldiers:

“Praise be to God for safety my friends

It is important to realize that this victory is from god

The other good thing is that the crawler was not damaged and no one was injured

We demand that we be martyrs

We know that separation from close people is difficult

We are all brothers 

We must believe in the words of God:

You will only suffer what God has chosen for you

Our destiny is one, we can not change it with weakness or escape from fighting

Bless you with victory”

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