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TRUMP IN SAUDI ARABIA: US Economic and ‘Security’ Policies Supersede Human Dignity ‘Values’


Dr Bouthaina Shaaban

“…where are the American values when they deal with countries that do not respect freedom or human dignity and treat their people like slaves.”

“In one of his TV interviews, the Israeli prime minister said addressing Europeans: “Look at the Arabs and learn from them.” He was referring to the “Arabs” who seek relations with his entity, as if they represent all Arabs. In the same interview he added: “I always thought that resolving the issue with the Palestinians is the gateway to enter the Arab World, today I think the opposite is true, a relationship with the Arabs will help us resolve our ‘differences’ with the Palestinians.”

There is no doubt that such arguments were not possible before the “Arab Spring” set the stage through the destruction of Iraq, Libya, and Yemen, and the war on Syria. Therefore, all that has happened, was intended to liquidate the Arab-Israeli conflict and take over Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, and to eradicate Arab rights, especially the right of return for Palestinians.

Netanyahu also said that he will fight “ISIS” and “Islamic Jihadism” alongside the Arabs. This is another indication that ISIS was created to alter the equation of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and in order for “Israel” to become a party in this war, supporting the Gulf States in a made-up war on terror, which was especially created for this purpose, to reinforce the presence of the “Zionist Entity” in the region and its relations with Arab countries.

When the interviewer asked what Netanyahu was trying to accomplish, Netanyahu answered:

“I want to be remembered as the protector of Israel, and as someone who left Israel a stronger and with a better status in the region.”

In this regard, at a time when we condemn terrorism, and its creators, financiers, and sponsors, it is not wrong to learn from one’s enemies, because despite all their differences they don’t lose sight of the main aim, which is to serve their entity that was planted in the heart of our nation, while the world stands idly by.

But when we look at those concerned with the Palestinian cause, we find many parties with different methods who do not unite for their sacred cause.

This is the first challenge that faces all Arab nationalists who believe deeply in an Arab Palestine, and in the fact that their nation can move beyond this shameful reality if it works according to a unified methodology based on dialogue and on a strategic vision, which will strengthen this nation’s position in the international system.

The second challenge is also very important. It was described in the notes that US secretary of state Rex Tillerson gave to the staff of the US state department when he met them on 3 May 2017.

His introduction and the vision he gave for US foreign policy is noteworthy because it revealed what we had thought to be the real American policies in the world. Talking about the state of the world and the US position, Tillerson began to talk about American values:

“Freedom, human dignity, etc.,” adding that these are “our values, not our policies.”

He called for a distinction between values and policies and that policies change and values do not change and added:

“But if you set a condition for our efforts in national security to adopt our values, we may not be able to achieve our national security goals or our security interests. If we set conditions that others must adopt our values, he said, these values that we have reached through our long history, this creates real difficulties in the way of pursuing our national security and economic interests…it is therefore very important that we all understand the difference between politics and values. and therefore we have to understand in every country in the world what is our national security interests and what are our interests, and then when we can promote our values must do it. So we must examine how to achieve our national security and economic interests on the one hand, and our values are fixed elsewhere.”

This explanation and clarification comes before the visit of US President Trump to the Gulf States and his meeting with Gulf leaders and possibly with officials from Jordan and Morocco, and this explanation and clarification is a preemptive action for US and possibly Israeli deals with the Gulf countries, so that no one asks where are the American values when they deal with countries that do not respect freedom or human dignity and treat their people like slaves.

The preemptive answer is that US national security interests and the economic interests of America come first, while values remain only in writing, media and rhetoric. There is no doubt that Trump’s visit to the Gulf will culminate in arms deals worth billions of dollars used to bomb Yemen and destabilize Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Egypt.

What we see as a challenge by the Zionist Entity and by the United States, “Israel” sees as an opportunity to open up to the Gulf and normalize relations with it and to tell the world that the Arab-Israeli conflict is over. This challenge will remain until the Arabs develop their vision for the next stage and develop their methods in the light of the dangerous developments on the regional and international arenas, until reality is understood as it is.

There are serious shifts occurring, and we have to be active and be aware of the prospects, and to devote our energies to have the results be in favor of Arabs who believe in their Arabism and their rights, no matter how arduous the oppression and injustice against them.”

End of article by Dr Bouthaina Shaaban.


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